Comparison Review: Oroblù Magie 20 tights vs. CdR Eterno Super Lucido 20 DEN tights

      Occasionally, reviewing one style immediately reminds me of another because of their similarity.  In this comparison review, I would like to compare two glossy tights I recently reviewed – the Magie 20 tights from Oroblù and Eterno Super Lucido 20 den tights from Cecilia de Rafael.  For ease of reading, I have abbreviated the latter to Eterno SL in this review.  Also, the Magie 20 is in nude colour, whereas the Eterno SL is in black.


Oroblù Magie 20 tightsCdR Eterno SL tights
Denier:20 den20 den
Appearance:sheer, shiny, sheer-to-waistsheer, shiny, sheer-to-waist
Waistband:knitted, 6cm wideNo waistband, but the area (4cm wide) is made thicker
Finger band:2cm wideNo
Reinforced toe:YesNo
Reinforced heel:NoNo
Composition:92% polyamide and 8% elastane62% nylon and 38% elastane
Colour availability:105
Price: £9.95, €11.95 or USD$21Vary among retailers.

Similarities and differences

First look & packaging

      The packaging of the two styles are very much alike.  Both use a transparent plastic sleeve to wrap the tights and a hard cover on the outside.  Even the product features, specs, as well as the layout on the rear cover are very similar.  The presentation on the front cover are iconic for both Brands, which you can recognise them metres away.

Oroblù Magie 20 02
Oroblù Magie 20 03
Oroblù Magie 20 04

      Ironically, I didn’t seem to get the size right for either styles.  The size for the Magie 20 was slightly larger than the size chart recommended, hence the loose fit (it was the only Oroblù tights I reviewed so far that size L doesn’t fit me).  With regard to Eterno SL, I had the assumption that the size will be smaller since it is made in Italy, but I was wrong.  As a result, I bought one size larger.  

      Though having larger sizes, the envelopment was actually pretty good for both styles.  Notably, the Eterno SL has a narrow hose, which led to a firm envelopment on the legs, especially at the calves.

      The Magie 20’s knitted, wide waistband was elastic and very comfortable to wear.  The lack of waistband of the Eterno SL made the edge curl naturally, and subsequently roll down.

Oroblù Magie 20 06
Oroblù Magie 20 07
The “reinforced waistband” (the stripe where the thumbs hold).
Oroblù Magie 20 08
Oroblù Magie 20 10

      One major difference between the two is the appearance.  Although both styles has a shine ook, Magie 20 exhibits a glittering effect.  Eterno Super Lucido on the other hand, has a mirror-like shine.  The images shown below are a good example.

      Both tights are sheer (20 den) and sheer-to-waist.  Yet, the Eterno SL looked and felt a bit thinner, like 15 den.  Magie 20 on the other hand, looked like 30 den (but felt like 20 den).

      Quality-wise, The Magie 20 I bought was made in good quality, while the Eterno SL had a few snags before wearing.  I hope it was an odd one out.

Oroblù Magie 20 11
Oroblù Magie 20 13
Oroblù Magie 20 14
Oroblù Magie 20 12
Above and below: Evidence of the tights being too large for my size.
Oroblù Magie 20 15

      Both styles felt smooth and silky.  The Magie 20 did have a better feel in terms of silkiness.  Due to their glossy nature both styles are very slippery on polished floor.  Both styles have good breathability.

ilovehosiery advice

      The Magie 20 and the Eterno SL exhibits their shininess differently.  The former is more like stars glittering, whereas the Eterno SL is like mirror reflection.  Personally, I prefer Magie 20 for its comfortable waistband and silky feel.  It is also cheaper and more accessible online.

      If you like to learn more about the styles, you can find the full review on the Magie 20 tights here and the Eterno SL tights here.

2 replies on “Comparison Review: Oroblù Magie 20 tights vs. CdR Eterno Super Lucido 20 DEN tights”

Never tried the Magie20 however I did buy the CDR Super Lucido in the Moreno shade and was quite impressed with the fit, feel plus loved the mirror like look on my legs was fantastic. I Love wearing glossy hose the more gloss the more I love them.

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