Review: Oroblù Magie 20 tights

      I occasionally get asked to do a review on certain styles and this is one of them – the Magie 20 tights from Oroblù.

Strengths & Weaknesses

⊕ Silky feel on the legs.

⊙ Reinforced toe instead of invisible toe.

⊗ Size slightly larger than the size recommendation.

Packaging & product description

      The packaging is pretty much the same as other Oroblù styles I reviewed before.  In brief, the tights are secured using a thin cardboard and are put in a plastic, transparent sleeve.  The item is then placed in an envelope made of cardboard.  You can preview the colour of the tights through the water drop-shaped opening at the top of the envelope.  The product description, size chart and composition are printed on the rear.  The sleeve isn’t completely sealed, so you have to be careful when unboxing.

      The product description on the rear cover are more detailed.  It reads:

“Sheer tights with silky effect, sheer to waist.  Double covered yarn, very resistant, soft and uniform.  Extra comfortable and imperceptible waistband.  Flat seams invisible under clothing.  Cotton gusset and maxi size with big gusset.  Invisible and resistant toe.”

Oroblù Magie 20 02
Oroblù Magie 20 03
Oroblù Magie 20 04

Appearance & texture

      The Magie 20 are sheer tights (20 denier) in shiny appearance.  It is sheer-to-waist.  The total length measures 97cm long when laid on a flat surface.  The distance between the tip of the waistband and the crotch is 27cm.  The texture is soft and silky to the touch.  The knitted waistband measures 6cm wide.  There is also a 2cm-wide fingerband, which extends to both sides of the centre seam on the panty.  There is a cotton gusset, and the toe section is reinforced.

      The composition is 92% polyamide and 8% elastane.

Oroblù Magie 20 tights promotional image (sourced from Oroblù).
Oroblù Magie 20 06
Oroblù Magie 20 07
Oroblù Magie 20 08

Size range

      The size ranges from S to MAXI.  I have attached the size chart below.  Size L is used in this review.


      At the time of writing this review, there are 10 colours available on the online shop.  They are Black, Blue 11, Camel, Liver, Mandel, Nude Look, Orient, Singapour, Soft and Sun.  You can view the colour palette here.  I have bought Nude Look for this review.



      The fit was okay.  The size was slightly larger than the size chart recommendation.  You could see from the images below that there are horizontal lines on the lower thigh, indicating the hose only stretched a little.  I would say that the size could fit up to 178cm tall, and if you are 171cm like me, try size M instead.

      Although the size was a bit big, the envelopment was good.  There was a moderate hug both on the panty and the legs.  In addition, the knitted wide waistband was very comfortable, and I had no issues on such.


      The appearance was indeed very glossy.  It was like a Wolford Neon 40 in a sheer look.  I have taken some photographs focusing on my feet.  These were not even shone by direct sunlight, yet still very shiny.

      The Nude Look colour was a very light skin colour.  It is even slightly lighter than the Wolford Cosmetic.  I was surprised when I received the tights, as it made my legs shiny but pale.  I didn’t see any uneven patches on the hose, the the build looked in good quality.

      Worth mentioning was that the toe section is actually reinforced, rather than the invisible toe mentioned on the rear cover.


      To my surprise, the texture was pretty silky.  I didn’t expect tights to be that silky in the price range of under £10.  It was also soft and smooth on the legs.  The breathability was also good thanks to its sheer nature.  There was a trace of synthetic odour when I first opened the package, but melted away after first wash.

Oroblù Magie 20 10
Oroblù Magie 20 11
You can see the horizontal lines above the knee.
Oroblù Magie 20 12
I opened the door to let the light shone in (not even direct sunlight).
Oroblù Magie 20 13
Oroblù Magie 20 14

Final words

      As I said before, I am not a fan of glossy tights.  However, the silky feel of the Magie 20 is really impressive.  If you like glossy tights, you must try this one.  

      The style is currently available for £9.95, €11.95 or USD$21.

Oroblù Online Shop (English)

      If you like glossy tights, you may be interested in Wolford Neon 40 tights, which you can find the review here.

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Have looked at these thinking about getting a pair being I love wearing a glossy look. Only reason was were 20 den usually I buy 40 den but these are great looking. The more gloss the more I love them just love that oiled look when wearing nice review.

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