February 2019 Newsletter – Comparison reviews are back

      Hello and welcome back to ilovehosiery.  I hope you have had a brilliant break and a great start for the year.  Due to unusually warm climate, I did not have the opportunity to wear tights in the last couple weeks.  However, the weather forecasts cooler temperatures for the days ahead, I should be able to try out new pairs for this month’s review.


      Yes the comparison reviews are back.  It featured two seamless sheer tights from two innovative brands – Heist Studios and Hēdoïne.  Both are pretty active in revising their styles, so I should have another round comparison soon.  I have also updated new photos for Heist Studios The Nude.  In addition, we have two pairs of ultra-sheer tights in last month’s review.  Be sure to check them out if you haven’t do so:


      In addition to reviews, I aim to do one comparison review each month.  As comparison are placed side-by-side, the layouts are currently out of place on hand-held devices.  I am sorry for those of you who primarily use such to read ilovehosiery articles.  I have asked for help from the WordPress support but was in vein.  If you have tips on how to solve this issue, please do share with me.

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