Comparison Review: Heist Studios The Nude vs. Hēdoïne The Edgy (Updated: 08 Nov 19)

A extensive comparison between two seamless tights from two innovative brands.

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      When I first saw The Edgy from Hēdoïne, my thought was “how similar it is to Heist Studios’ The Nude seamless tights.”  Having tried both styles, I found similarities and subtle differences between the two. This comparison review summarises them all.

**Important note**
      The Nude used in this review was bought exactly two years ago.  It has underwent several alterations since then, thus the version 2017 on the title.  Please go to the very bottom of the article for more info regarding the changes.


Heist Studios
The Nude
The Edgy
Denier18 den20 den (40 den at the toe and sole section)
AppearanceSeamless, sheer, matte with discreet sheenSeamless, sheer, slight sheen
Waistbandknitted, 10cm wide (Mid option)Knitted, 8.5cm wide (low option)
Reinforced toeYesYes, with reinforced sole
Reinforced heelNoNo
Composition67% polyamide and 33% elastane70% polyamide and 30% elastane
Colour selection71

Similarities and differences


      Both brands’ packaging are individualistic.  Heist Studios uses a box made of cardboard, providing the best protection to the product.  Hēdoïne on the other hand, uses a pouch for the outer layer.  Both the box and the pouch can be reused to store tights or other items.

      Heist Studios has basic specs printed on the packaging.  This is very handy when you have more than two pairs in the bag.  Hēdoïne is less prepared in this regard.  For detailed product description, you do have to go online for both styles.  You could also visit the Heist Studios physical shop in Covent Garden, if you are in London.

      In terms of sustainability, Heist Studios has been using environment-friendly packaging since launch.  With regard to Hēdoïne, the one I received uses transparent plastic sleeve.  However, they are replacing plastic sleeve with paper-made material as we speak.

Heist The Nude 00
Heist The Nude 02
Comparison The Nude The Edgy02

Hēdoïne The EDGY 00
Hēdoïne The EDGY 03
Hēdoïne The EDGY 06


      The Nude size M is near perfect for me.  However, given the hose was more or less fully stretched, I don’t believe it can fit a person of 5’10” as the size chart suggested.  The fit for The Edgy is relatively good.  Yet it has a long hose even for size XS-S, thus more suitable for leggy people.  As for the envelopment, the Nude gives a firm hug at the panty and to the legs.  The Edgy has a solid envelopment at the panty, but somewhat loose on the legs.

      Both styles have a superb waistband that doesn’t roll, dig or sag.  It is also worth mentioning that The Edgy uses a thicker fabric for the waistband than The Nude.  If the thickness of The Nude is 2, then The Edgy is probably 3 (a 2:3 ratio).  In other words, The Nude may be more suitable for warmer days while The Edgy can be worn in cooler days.  The waistband of both styles are not obvious under close fitting clothing.

      The Nude has a lightly reinforced toe and The Edgy is fully reinforced.  The latter also comes with a reinforced sole, making the style more durable.  A problem I had was I have wide feet, so the reinforced sole can only cover around 80% of the sole, making it less effective.  In addition, The Edgy is ladder-free and run resistant.  The Nude I have is as good as new, but I did receive two reports from my readers over the course of two years that their tights run on the first occasion.

Heist The Nude 04
Heist The Nude 06
Heist The Nude 07
Heist The Nude 09
Heist The Nude 10
Hēdoïne The EDGY 09
Hēdoïne The EDGY 10
Hēdoïne The EDGY 12
Hēdoïne The EDGY 15
Hēdoïne The EDGY 16

      Both styles are sheer, seamless tights that does not have a gusset.  They all have a sheer-to-waist appearance and looks fantastic!  The 2 denier difference between the two styles is frankly insignificant to look and feel.  Both tights are generally matte but exhibits discreet sheen under direct sunlight.  The Edgy however, is slightly more shiny than The Nude, and glitters like pearls.

      For colour selection, The Nude is no doubt the winner, with 7 shades available for the style.  The Edgy currently has only one colour.  The dual colour nature of The Edgy is pure personal preference so I will leave that judgement to you.


      Both tights are very soft and smooth to the touch.  While the Edgy has a silky feel, the Nude is somewhat synthetic.  Being sheer, both styles has great breathability for the lower body and the legs.

Heist The Nude 15
Heist The Nude 11
Heist The Nude 12
Heist The Nude 13
Heist The Nude 14
Hēdoïne The EDGY 14
Hēdoïne The EDGY 18
Hēdoïne The EDGY 19
Hēdoïne The EDGY 20
Hēdoïne The EDGY 22

ilovehosiery advice

      This comparison looked at seamless tights from two innovative brands.  Both styles have their strengths and weaknesses.  The Nude has a slightly better fit, more colours to choose from, cheaper price, but less durable.  The Edgy is more durable, has dual colour appearance for the waistband and the hose, but only available in one colour and is more expensive.  Both Brands offer world wide shipping and hold discounts from time to time.

      Again, I must stress that The Nude tights I have is already two years old.  Heist Studios has changed the packaging and revamped the size chart since then.  Hēdoïne is also making big changes to their packaging.  The colour for The Edgy remains 1, but they have added more colours to their other style: The Nude.  I am in the process of getting a new pair of The Nude from Heist Studios and Hēdoïne (yes they have the same name).  Once I have received both, I will write another comparison review.  If you like to see the individual review for The Nude and The Edgy, you can click here and here.  Thanks for reading and see you in the next review~

Heist Studios the Nude


  • Changed Low Waistband Option to Mid Waistband Option for Heist Studios the Nude. (08 Nov 19)

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Hi Helena,

The one you see in these images was the “Light” colour from the previous version of the Nude. Although Heist Studios stated that the Light equates to 030 in the current version, I still find the 030 slightly darker than the Light (i.e., the shades are not identical), FYI.



Dear Allan,

Thank you so much for this. We just got back from Berlin from the Fashion Week and have a big email backlog. I will get back to you shortly in more detail.

Wishing you a nice relaxing Sunday,


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