January 2019 – ilovehosiery has a new look.

Happy New Year to you all!

      I finally had time to go through the premium themes and choose one that best suits the Blog.  The new theme has two columns for posts, which are easy to go through against the white background.  There will be featured pages, which are still under construction.  The menus can be easily accessed from the top right corner.  The links for Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin are clearly visible on the right.  I have yet to add and update contents of the blog, including new pictures and additional information at the bottom of the website.  All will be done when I have time.


      Last month’s reviews include tights and colourful knee-highs, from sheer to opaque.  I have also did a picture review on Wolford’s Satin Touch 20 tights (3 for 2 promotion package).  If you missed any of these great reviews, you can read them in full from the link below:

Sale continues

      There is still time to pick up hosiery at hugely discounted prices.  Do check the stores near you and online.  I have been posting great deals on ilovehosiery’s Facebook Page.  Some of them are still available, which you can find from the link below:


      Now that I can take sharper images and that item comparisons are easier to read thanks to the new format, I would like to redo the comparison review.  Apart from that, I have just stocked up more tights, so keep writing reviews as usual.

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