Review: Le Bourget HÉRITAGE Collant Luxe 30D tights

      Ever since I started the blog, I received quite a few recommendations from my readers.  Some of them are obtainable with a few taps of the trackpad.  This review focuses on one of such – the Le Bourget Héritage Collant Luxe 30D tights, recommended by Pierre. (Hi~)

Strengths & Weaknesses

⊕ Very soft and smooth texture thanks to use of nanofibre.
⊕ Firm hug of the tights feels like having a light support.

⊙ No tag on the inner rear side of the waistband.

⊗ Panty budging down gradually.

Packaging & product description

      The tights rolls around a thin cardboard and is wrapped in a transparent plastic sleeve.  It is then placed inside a thick envelope made of cardboard.  You can preview the colour of the tights via the rectangular-shaped opening at the top of the envelope.  The product description, size chart and composition are printed on the rear.

      One interesting point to make…  The reference number has a month/year attached.  Such date reflects when the cover or the tights was manufactured.  In my case, the product was made about two and half years ago (a long time sitting in the warehouse).  

I couldn’t access the English version of the official website, so I have included the product description from the back of the packing, which reads:

“An high-range collection in the standards of luxury and modernity.  The sophistication of soft colours punctuated with a touch of Prussian blue to affirm a remarkable identity.
The 30D LUXE tights is made with an innovative material finer than the microfiber, the nanofiber, which provides a highly soft touch as a silk sensation.”

Le Bourget Héritage Luxe 30 01
Le Bourget Héritage Luxe 30 02
Le Bourget Héritage Luxe 30 03
Le Bourget Héritage Luxe 30 04
The thin cardboard illustrates the entire Héritage range.

Appearance & texture

      The Héritage Collant Luxe 30D is semi-sheer (30 denier) tights in matte fashion.  It is sheer-to-waist.  The total length of the tights is 72cm when laid on flat surface.  The distance from waistband to crotch is 18cm.  The texture is very soft and smooth to the touch, as it uses nanofibre.  It is also pretty elastic.  The knitted Le Bourget-signature waistband measures 4cm wide.  There is no tag on the inner rear side of the waistband.  In addition, there is a cotton gusset and the toe section is not reinforced.

      The composition is 80% polyamide and 20% elastane.

Le Bourget Héritage Collant Luxe 30D tights promotional image (sourced from Le Bourget).
Le Bourget Héritage Luxe 30 06
Le Bourget Héritage Luxe 30 07
Le Bourget Héritage Luxe 30 08
Le Bourget Héritage Luxe 30 09
The tights part had undergone boarding, hence the presence of foot shape.

Size range

      There are 4 sizes for this style.  I have included the size chart below.  Size T2 is used in this review.


      At The time of writing this review, there are two shades available: Noir (Black) and Nuit (Night).  I have bought the Nuit for this review.



      The fit was mixed.  The hose was good and true to the size chart recommendation.  The panty however, was a bit short in length, and thus kept budging down.  On the contrary, the envelopment was fairly good.  The tights hugged the lower body pretty firm. 

The waistband was comfortable and pressure-free.  In addition, since there was no tag, I had to rely on the foot shape to determine front and back.


      The tights has a total matte appearance, meaning that it doesn’t have a reflective shine.  When paired with basic colours, I personally see them as building block or background.  The tights are there to make other pieces of garments stand out.

      The Nuit is a dark blue hue.  It is darker than Wolford’s Midnight, but ligher than the Admiral.  The colour is almost identical to Falke’s Marine colour.  The colour was evenly distributed for most part – you could still see colour differences along the tights’ folded areas.


      The texture felt superbly soft and smooth.  The silky sensation made the tights very pleasant to wear.  The use of nanofibre really made a difference. The tights was also very stretchy.

One thing worth mentioning was that the firm hug of the tights on the legs felt like having a light support.

Being 30 denier, the tights has a good balance between breathability and warmth.

Le Bourget Héritage Luxe 30 11
Le Bourget Héritage Luxe 30 12
Le Bourget Héritage Luxe 30 13
Le Bourget Héritage Luxe 30 14
You could see two tiny distortions on the thigh. They were already present during unboxing.

Final words

      For me, the budging down of the panty was really annoying.  It would have been a very pleasant piece of garment to wear otherwise.

      In terms of price, I bought for £22.99 minus the VAT.  The price on the official online shop is €25.50, but they are having a limited time 30% off.  Hence you could get it at a cheaper price.

Le Bourget (French)

5 replies on “Review: Le Bourget HÉRITAGE Collant Luxe 30D tights”

Hello ALLAN,
Try “LeBourget Heritage LUXE 10 DEN”.
It’s not the same as the 30D, the texture is really different

It’s the best for me like Oroblu Divin 10 den.

I keep looking for the sweetest tights…

Thank you for your blog !


This brand I have seen in many styles and colors have to say this brand has intrigued me for sometime. Been many times have thought about buy this brand and trying them out seen some cute color block style will have to give this brand a shot.

Liked by 1 person

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