Review: Hēdoïne The Edgy tights (Updated: 14 Nov 18)

      Back in July, Anna, one of the co-founders of Hēdoïne, contacted me to see if I am interested giving them some feedbacks for their tights.  I didn’t expect them to send the tights to me, since we are half the globe distance between each other.  Yet one day, I got an email saying they have posted the sample, and four days later, it landed in my letterbox.  When I was holding the package, I said to myself: “they really did it!”

      A brief description about the brand… Hēdoïne is founded by Anna Rauch and Alexandra Tymann.  The name Hēdoïne is generated from “hedonistic heroine”, which the co-founders refer it to as “a specific type of woman: driven with high aspirations, but at the same time playful, charming and witty”.  Their vision is to transform the everyday business uniform into something better.   They will work piece by piece, starting with tights.


      The pair was gifted from Hēdoïne.  However, I have 100% freedom of expressing my thoughts on these tights.

Strengths & Weaknesses

⊕ Stable and comfortable waistband.
⊕ Great elasticity on the hose.
⊕ Reinforced toe and sole for longer durability.
⊕ Run-resistant.

– No size indication on the packaging or on the tights.

⊗ Tag made of coarse material that rubs the skin.

Packaging & product description

      The Tights is secured using a small piece of cardboard.  It is then placed in a transparent plastic sleeve, sealed with a sticker.  The product name, waistband option, composition and wash labels are printed on such.  The outermost layer is a small pouch coloured in deep blue.  The pouch can be reused to store the tights or other small items.

      There is no product description on the packaging.  The one online reads:

“By combining innovative yarn of the highest quality and modern 3D knitting techniques, reducing the risk of ladders and resultant faux pas to a minimum.

Elegance in every detail: 20 DEN plain nude legs for the sophisticated office look with an expressive black pattern on the waistband and under the feet – enhanced to make your tights last even longer.

A seamless waistband in two heights for the perfect fit – no more pressure marks, no sagging and no seams that shine through your dress.

We set the bar in comfort, quality, and style. Soft, run-resistant and seamless tights made in Italy – tights as they should be. One less thing to worry about on your busy schedule.”

Hēdoïne The EDGY 01

Hēdoïne The EDGY 02

Hēdoïne The EDGY 03

Hēdoïne The EDGY 04

Hēdoïne The EDGY 06

Appearance & texture

      The Edgy is sheer (20 denier) tights in matte fashion.  It is seamless, meaning no seams running through the centre of the panty.  The total length of the tights is approximately 85cm when lay on flat surface.  The texture is fairly soft and smooth to the touch, and very stretchy.  I received the “Low Waist” option, which measures 8.5cm wide.  It is made from 40 denier patterned fabric folded together, thus feels a lot thicker than the hose.  There is no gusset at the panty, and the length between the crotch and the lower edge of the waist band is 6cm.  Both the toe section and the sole are reinforced with the same fabric used on the waistband.

      The composition is 70% nylon and 30% elastane.

(Sourced from Hēdoïne)

Hēdoïne The EDGY 08

Hēdoïne The EDGY 09

Hēdoïne The EDGY 10

Hēdoïne The EDGY 11

Hēdoïne The EDGY 12

Size range

      There are three sizes available for this style.  I have included the chart below.  I received size S for this review.


      There is only one colour selection available at the time of writing this review.  It is nude colour pantyhose with black-coloured waistband and sole.


      To begin with, the pair I received had some rough edges on the cardboard.  It snagged the tights as I unbox.  I had to be very careful not to cause further damage to the tights when separating them from the cardboard.  Fortunately, the tights is run-resistant.

      I didn’t find any size indication on the packaging or on the tights per se.  If you are buying one size only, then there won’t be a problem.  If your are buying more than one size for the same style, you probably need to make a mark somewhere for differentiation.


      The fit was fairly good.  The hose expanded far more than it appeared.  For this reason, there were plenty of rooms to accommodate taller people.  I am 171cm and 58kg.  I would say size S can easily fit an individual of 176cm with a similar body size like I am.  For envelopment, I felt a solid hug at the panty, but slightly loose on the legs.  It didn’t budge or bag though, even after an entire day of wearing.

      The waistband though looked quite thick, was actually very comfortable.  You could see from one of the photos below that the waistband rolled down a little.  Yet that is pretty much the degree of rolling (if any), I experienced throughout the day.

      The reinforced sole didn’t quite cover the sole of my feet (25.5cm long).  I am not too concerned with its width but I do wish it is made longer to partly cover the heels.  This is the place where a lot of friction occurs.


      I liked the overall appearance of the dual colour.  It does have a look of high quality craftsmanship.  Also, the pattern on the waistband looks neutral to me.

      The tights are generally matte.  Yet exhibits a very subtle reflective sheen when shined upon.  The colour of the hose is very light.  If I have to make a comparison, it would be very similar to Wolford’s Cosmetic colour.  In addition the colour on the hose was evenly distributed.

      The waistband sat just below the navel.  This is because the length between the crotch and the lower edge of the waistband is very short.  To see whether the waistband is visible under tight-fitting clothing, I tried it on with a close-fitting bodysuit.  The result was that as long as the waistband is placed properly, it won’t be visible.  If the waistband already rolled down, even a bit, then a “ring” of protrusion is visible.

      The reinforced sole is narrowed once it passes the ball of the feet (see image below).  Therefore it is not visible unless wearing sandals or mules.


      The tights felt very soft and relatively smooth.  It was very stretchy on the hose!  There was less elasticity on the waistband.  Yet this did not compromise its comfortableness.  The breathability was very good on the legs.  Although having thicker materials for the waistband, I didn’t feel hot and stuffy at the waist.  In addition, the reinforced soles were not particularly noticeable.

      It is worth mentioning that the tights are made with anti-bacterial and anti-odour fabrics.  I couldn’t scientifically test this but in my experience, it didn’t smell bad after a whole day of wearing.

      One thing I didn’t like is the tag on the front right of the waistband.  It was coarse and rubbed the skin.  I eventually took it off, so it does not rub my skin anymore, or damage the tights during wash.

Hēdoïne The EDGY 14

Hēdoïne The EDGY 15

Hēdoïne The EDGY 16

Hēdoïne The EDGY 17

Hēdoïne The EDGY 18

Hēdoïne The EDGY 19

Hēdoïne The EDGY 20

Hēdoïne The EDGY 21

Hēdoïne The EDGY 22

Hēdoïne The EDGY 23

Hēdoïne The EDGY 24

Hēdoïne The EDGY 25

Final words

      Being one of Hēdoïne’s first products, the Edgy is already packed with a number of great features.  Notably, the comfortable waistband, run-resistant hose, great elasticity and reinforced toe and sole.  It is not perfect, but Hēdoïne is already looking for areas for improvement.

      In terms of price, the Edgy lies more towards the luxury end of price spectrum.  It is £28, (or roughly €31.51, USD$35.93) for the low waistband option, and £30, (or about €33.76, USD$38.50) for the high ones.  Hēdoïne ships worldwide, and you can buy their tights straight from their website.



      I have been communicating with Anna and Alex to learn more about the Brand and the style.  Below are some of the steps Hēdoïne will take in the near future:

  1. Focusing on sustainability, they are in the process of replacing the foil packaging with beautiful recycled paper envelopes.
  2. More nude shades to cater for all skin tones will be available.


  • Added the label taken off from the waistband.  (14/11/18)

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[…]       I bought The Nude tights a while ago.  After examining it, I realise it is the 1st generation of Hēdoïne’s seamless tights, which probably have phased out  by now.  Since the tights have more or less the same features as The Edgy I reviewed before, I will do a picture review instead.  If you would like to learn more about the 1st generation of Hēdoïne’s tights, you can click right here. […]


Nice reviews these have a great looking waist band and sounds like would be great to wear. Only issue is the lack of color choices and that annoying tag would think they would of putting it in the back but then still wouldn’t feel good.

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