Review: Wolford Cyndi Tights

      When I first saw the style on the website, I immediately add it into my wish list.  Not only it looks unique, but also comes in white colour.  It also bears the same name as my partner, which makes it a must have – the Cyndi Tights from Wolford’s SS18 collection.

Strengths & Weaknesses

⊕ Unique organic mesh appearance.
⊕ No need to worry about tearing because the mesh are in random size.
⊕ Mesh at the toe section is made smaller for better comfort.

Packaging & product description

      The packaging uses the standard cardboard, tri-fold cardboard and transparent plastic sleeve manner.  The product description, size chart, composition and wash labels are all on the back of the cover.

      The description online and on the back of the packaging are the same, which reads:

“Cool asymmetry: Tights with organic net structure that gets smaller towards the feet, preventing toes from poking through. The seamless panty section remains invisible under tight clothing.”

  • Sewn-on waistband featuring the Wolford logo
  • A striking and stylish highlight

Wolford Cyndi Tights 01

Wolford Cyndi Tights 02

Wolford Cyndi Tights 03

Appearance & texture

      The Cyndi tights are net tights in matte, macro mesh fashion.  It is mesh from waist to toe.  The mesh are in different shapes and sizes, like organic living tissues under a microscope.  They are generally bigger at the thigh and panty, and get smaller towards the lower calves and feet.  The fibres are relatively fine and soft to the skin.  The Wolford signature waistband measures 2.5cm wide.  It is made of elastic band with a layer of plush on the inner side.  The panty section is seamless and there is no gusset.  The mesh at the toe section are made finer for better comfort.

      The composition is 80% polyamide and 20% elastane.

(Sourced from Wolford)

Wolford Cyndi Tights 03

Wolford Cyndi Tights 05

Wolford Cyndi Tights 06

Wolford Cyndi Tights 07

Size range

      The size ranges from XS to XXL, but there are only 4 size available in the Outlet (XS, S, M and L).  I used size S for this review.

Wolford Cyndi Tights 08


      There are two colours available at the time of writing this review: Black and White.  I bought White for this review.



      Rolling the tights upwards was a bit of a headache because the mesh comes in different sizes.  It takes time to learn where to grasp and pull without tearing the tights.


      As usual, size S is perfect on me.  The envelopment was good also, especially on the legs.  The waistband was slightly tight, I had no problems with it otherwise.  


      The appearance was TRUELY eye-catching!  I have taken some photos of myself showing the entire legs and exposing just the ankles and the feet, which you can see further below.  I particularly liked pairing it with jeans and sneakers, which gives the a casual yet feminine look.  I don’t have the tights in black but I believe the white colour outshines the black in terms of look.

      The best thing about the tights is that even you accidentally tear the tights, it wouldn’t be obvious because the mesh are in different sizes anyway.


      The tights felt relatively fine and soft to the skin.  The fibres are actually “thicker” than they seem, especially when not fully stretched.  Hence they are better treated as open-knit tights with regard to breathability and warmth.

      I however did feel the waistband being the thickest.  It was like having a narrow belt on the waist.  I wonder why Wolford don’t use knitted waistband on these instead.

Wolford Cyndi Tights 09

Wolford Cyndi Tights 10

Wolford Cyndi Tights 11

Wolford Cyndi Tights 12

Wolford Cyndi Tights 13

Wolford Cyndi Tights 14

Wolford Cyndi Tights 15

Wolford Cyndi Tights 16

Wolford Cyndi Tights 17

Wolford Cyndi Tights 18

Wolford Cyndi Tights 19

Final words

      I really liked the style with its unique design and versatility in styling.  I am not sure why it ended in bulks in the Outlet, but then there is opportunity is yours.

      The original price is €39, £35 and USD$67.  Now they are 50% OFF at the Outlet.  The style also comes in stay-ups.

Wolford Online Shop (English)

      If you like macro fishnet tights, do check out my review on Wolford Kaylee tights here.

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You do wonderful reviews inspires me to buy more tights. These tights look fantastic now these I would wear. Would love to do a personal fashion photo of these think they would look great on my legs would order a white also. might even take one of me wearing by themselves and one in a layered look.

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