September & October 2018 Newsletter – Crystal clear images from new camera

      I have started using my new Sony A7III to take photos.  I have to say, it is a huge improvement over the iPhone 6S Plus I have been using, and the Nikon DSLR I used a couple years ago.  The camera produces sharper images and are more natural in terms of colour accuracy.  For most part, I don’t have to edit images (i.e., they come straight out from camera).  The Wolford Viscool Leggings review is the first article to adopt sharper images.  You are welcome to see the difference from the link below.


      Last month was a month of variety.  The review consisted glossy, sheer tights from Cecilia de Rafael, and opaque tights in bright red colour by Oroblù.  There was also the more expensive, yet beautifully-made Viscool Leggings from Wolford.  You can find the links below if you missed out:

ilovehosiery has a Flickr account

      Given the size of the images taken from the new camera is a lot bigger than before, I have opened a Flickr account to store them.  From now on, images taken for reviews and comparison will be stored on Flickr.  You can view them by clicking the images within the article or go to my account from the link below:

      You can also search ilovehosiery directly from Flickr website.  Mind there is another account named “”.  That is not mine.

KUNERT’s 111th birthday celebration continues

      There is 25% OFF on Cotton Sole Range this September.  Simply enter the code: 111september at checkout.


      I am involved in a film shooting for a month between 20th September and 20th October.  Instead of pre-write all articles before I go, I have decided to take a break this time.  So there won’t be any reviews in this period.  I will see you all when I come back.

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