Review: Wolford Viscool Leggings

      Wolford makes excellent quality hosiery while keeping them as affordable as possible.  Yet, they have a small selection that contains a price tag well above the average pricing.  Today, we are looking into one of such – the Viscool Leggings.

Strengths & Weaknesses

⊕ Completely seamless finish means it can be worn as a legging or a tight-fitting trouser.
⊕ Superb Quality and look.

– Weighty but provide great deal of warmth.

⊗ Waistband often flips down.

Packaging & product description

      Unlike the tights and leggings I reviewed, the Viscool Leggings comes in a cardboard box.  You open it by sliding the compartment horizontally to one direction, like a drawer.  Inside, you will find the leggings wrapped in a sheet of Wolford-signature paper.  The product description, size chart and composition are printed on the back of the box.

      The description online and on the back of the packaging are the same, which reads:

“A comfortable, classic item: These opaque, seamless leggings look attractive, feel comfortable and boast a completely seamless finish. The comfortable waistband ensures a perfect fit.  Pleasantly soft waistband.  The perfect addition to lots of looks.”

Wolford Viscool Leggings 00

Wolford Viscool Leggings 01

Wolford Viscool Leggings 02

Appearance & texture

      The leggings has an opaque and total matte appearance.  It measures 99.5cm from waist to cuff, and 25cm from waist to crotch; when the leggings is laid flat.  The entire piece is seamless, i.e., no seam on the panty or on the inside of the hose.  The texture is thick, soft but not particularly smooth.  The waistband measures 5cm wide.  The cuff is 1.8cm wide and uses a different type of knitting from the rest of the hose for better elasticity.  The width of the hose just above the cuff is 11cm.  There is no gusset.  Instead, a special knitting is used along the centre of the panty to allow the fabric to expand sideways.

      The composition is 67% viscose and 33% polyester.

Wolford Viscool Leggings 03

(Above: The Viscool Leggings promotional image.  Sourced from Wolford)

Wolford Viscool Leggings 04

Wolford Viscool Leggings 05

Wolford Viscool Leggings 06

Wolford Viscool Leggings 07

Wolford Viscool Leggings 08

Wolford Viscool Leggings 09

Size range

      There are six sizes available, ranging from XS to XXL.  I have included the size chart below.  Size S is used in this review.

Wolford Viscool Leggings 10


      At the time of writing this review, there was only Black colour available.  I also bought Black for this review.



      The fit was good at the panty, while the the hose was long and relatively loose.  To achieve the look shown in the promotional image (i.e., without any crease), I’d say one has to be taller than 175cm.  Similarly, envelopment was good at the panty and thigh, but slightly loose on the calves.

      On contrary to the description, I found the waistband rather stiff.  It flipped over whenever I bent down, and I had to manually flip it back.


      My first impression was it looked much better than the Stardust Leggings I had before.  It gave a elegant silhouette on the hips and the thigh.  Creases eventually appear around the knees due to the hose being long.  If I were a few centimetres taller, it would look perfect.

      The quality is just superb!  It was like a fine piece of knitwear so beautifully made that I couldn’t find any flaws.  Furthermore, the seamless nature really distinguished it from ordinary leggings.  You could wear it as leggings or a tight-fitting trouser, depending how you style.


      First of all, the leggings was weighty.  It was heavier than the Baily Trousers I recently bought, and weighs similar to my jeans.  All this weight reflected the amount of material used to make the leggings however.

      The leggings was soft to the skin, but not particularly smooth.  Instead, it felt more like wearing a knitwear, like a jumper.  The texture, together with its weighty nature and relative loose envelopment, did give me the impression that I am wearing a trouser.  The leggings kept the legs warm while providing some degree of breathability.

Wolford Viscool Leggings 11

Wolford Viscool Leggings 12

Wolford Viscool Leggings 13

Wolford Viscool Leggings 15

Wolford Viscool Leggings 14

Final words

      When I first saw the pricing on these items, I was thinking “who is going to buy a pair of leggings for £250?”  After experiencing the leggings myself, I have to agree that the price is justified by its exceptional quality and the versatility.

      The leggings is available from time to time for €250, £250 or USD$425.  I actually bought it for half the original price via online Outlet while I was in the U.K..  I also got around 11% back from Tax refund.  If you are interested in it, you could do the same.

Wolford (English)

3 replies on “Review: Wolford Viscool Leggings”

I agree with everything in this review. I am 5’7” roughly 155 lbs and the “L” leggings were a touch too long on me. However I also was able to purchase them at quite a bit less than full price and I am so satisfied with the purchase. They are fabulous in quality and so superior to anything else in this space. I love them. Thanks for the review.


Hi Karen,

Thank you very much for the feedback. I always say to my friends that Wolford products are made for elves🤣
By the way, if you like wearing leggings, you should definitely try the Aurora Leggings from Wolford. I have just got mine and the first impression is wow!! The fabric is the softest and silkiest I have ever touched, FYI.



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