Review: Cecilia de Rafael Eterno Super Lucido 20 DEN tights

      I have seen quite a few reviews on Cecilia de Rafael (CdR) hosiery from other reviewers.  The response was mixed, so I decided to try them out myself.  I bought two pairs, and here is the first one – the Eterno Super Lucido tights.

Strengths & Weaknesses

⊕ Very glossy, to the extent you can’t fail to notice them.
⊕ Run-resistant.

• Has an appearance of 15 or 10 denier (instead of 20 den).
• Narrow hose, suits better on lean people.
• No waistband, yet the area is reinforced.

⊗ Some quality issues present.

Packaging & product description

      The tights rolls around a thin cardboard and is wrapped in a plastic, transparent sleeve.  It is then placed inside a thick envelope made of cardboard.  One can see the colour of the tights through the rectangular opening on the top of the envelope.  The product description, size chart and composition are printed on the rear cover.  The QR code takes you to the official website, should you need further information.  There are other styles marketed on the thin cardboard.

      I noticed that the name of the item has Ú on the official website, whereas on the packaging, the standard U was used.  Both refer to the same item, as the product number is the same.

      There is no product description on the English version of the website, hence I extracted those on the packaging.  They are as follows:

“New, super glossy, highly resistant tights, laser cut waistless, never seen before.  Feel like a second skin and are ladder-resistant.  Great mix of shine, comfort and technology.”

Appearance & texture

      The Eterno Super Lucido are sheer tights (20 Denier) in shiny fashion.  It is sheer from waist to toe.  The tights are very long at first glance, measuring 101cm; the length from Waist to crotch is 24cm.  The texture is soft and very smooth to the touch.  The packaging states it has no waistband.  In reality, the knitting at the waist area (roughly 4cm wide) is thicker, like a reinforced toe that we usually see.  For ease of distinction, I will simply name it as “reinforced waistband” in this review.  In addition, there is a cotton gusset, and the toe is not reinforced.

      The composition is 62% Nylon and 38% elastane.

(Sourced from Cecilia de Rafael)

Size range

      CdR uses numbers to represent the size range of their tights, from 1 (smallest) to 6 (largest).  I have included the size chart below.  Size 4 is used for this review.


      At the time of writing this review, there are 5 colours available online.  They are (from left to right): Moreno, Doré, Natural, Negro and Grafito.  I have chosen Negro (black) for this review.



      The fit was loose.  I thought the sizes are going to run smaller like Italian brands but I was partially wrong.  CdR made the hose long but narrow.  For this reason, it can easily fit over 180cm as the size indicates, but may feel pressed if one has curvy legs.  It is also for this reason that the envelopment was fairly good, especially at the calf and panty.  The reinforced waistband felt rather tight, and consequently rolled down a bit throughout the day.


      My partner was crying out loud that she needs to put on her sunglasses because it blinds her eyes.  Of course she was exaggerating but that does give you a sense of how glossy it is.  I have further taken some images when shined by direct sunlight, which you can see in below.

      The tights are 20 denier but it looked like 15 or 10.  Close range observation revealed that the knitting quite different to 20 denier tights.

      There were some quality issues on the pair I bought.  Firstly, there were already quite a few snags during unboxing.  Fortunately, these are run-resistant tights, so no further damage.  It did leave a bad impression though.  Secondly, the colour was not evenly distributed.  You can clearly see the lines on the centre of the shank and the flowing lines above the ankle.  A simple hand wash could not get rid of these marks.


      The tights felt very smooth, like silk fabric.  They are indeed comfortable to the skin.  Be careful though, as it can be very slippery on polished floor.  In addition, the tights has excellent breathability.

Final words

      The shiny appearance of the tights makes one visible from dozens of metres away.  The silky feeling are pleasant to the legs.  The narrow hose would not please peoples with curvy legs though.  Also,  due to the quality issues I encountered, I won’t count on them on special occasions.

The tights are currently available.  The price varies, I have seen £15.95 and €17 on online retailers.  I have also seen USD$14.95 on eBay.  You may have to search around to find the best deal.

Cecilia de Rafael (English)

11 replies on “Review: Cecilia de Rafael Eterno Super Lucido 20 DEN tights”

Not that I can tell still fits like a second skin but not over tight yet enough support. They are hot looking on with the glossy look with that slippery feel is like your legs were dipped in oil.


Love these tights they have a magnificent glossy look. The fit is perfect I purchased a size 5 in the Moreno shade as shown in my profile photo. The glossy look on my legs are wonderful the feel I love slippery and the feel is so smooth and have had no issue with these would buy again in a different color.


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