July 2018 Newsletter – Chilly as usual (Update: 04/07/18)

      I was telling my friends how I like the winter in New Zealand, and they were all astonished.  Their response was understandable, as winter in N.Z. is usually cold and wet.  But if you had just experienced a 37°C spring, you would understand my feelings.

      I have been stocking up various kinds of hosiery since I came back home.  These include some higher denier ones, as I am not as “cold-resistant” as I used to be (sign of ageing?).


      Last month’s reviews include an opaque and an ultra-sheer tights.  I also worked on an open-knit tights.  If you wish to read any of them, you can find the links below:

Review: Oroblù Different 50 tights
Review: Falke Lunelle 8 tights
Review: Wolford Banua tights

KUNERT’s 111th birthday celebration continues

      The offer is in line with the climate: a 20% discount on Beauty 7 range.  It comes in tights, stay-ups, knee highs and socks.  Mind that the Online Shop only ships to Germany and Austria. (German)


      Remember I have been talking about getting a proper camera for the last few months?  This was delayed due to popularity and my ill-judgement.  I have pre-ordered it and hopefully it will arrive before the end of this month… fingers crossed.  In the meantime, the review continues and will be published on the usual date.  Do come and visit my Facebook and my Instagram from time to time.  I post limited-time deals on FB, while more of my personal life in Instagram.  I welcome you all~


  • Added Kunert 111 Year celebration.  (04/07/18)

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