June 2018 Newsletter – Back to normal

      My travel is almost finished, so everything will be back to normal very soon.  I was a bit sad that I couldn’t find KUNERT at all whilst in London (needless to say about the limited edition duo packs).  In fact, the department stores I visited in London only stock very few brands.  That is on the contrary to the number of online retailers in the U.K. and the vast number of brands they offer.  One flourishes while the other dwindle…


      The weather was pretty warm and mild during my travel, hence I could synchronise my reviews with the climate.  This includes sheer tights and knee-highs, which you can find the reviews below if you haven’t yet read them.


      Yes the end-of-season sale is approaching.  As usual, I will be mentioning some great deals on my Facebook page and in my blog.  Stay tuned…

KUNERT continues celebrating 111th Birthday

      This month KUNERT is offering 25% OFF on all stay-ups.  Simply use the code: 111juni at checkout to claim.

Fosun purchases Wolford

      The China-based investment company Fosun Industrial Holdings Limited (Fosun) has successfully purchased Wolford in early May.  It has acquired 50.87% of the shares.  The Company also intends to buy 7.17 percent of all Wolford shares outstanding.  Once the associated transactions have been processed, it will then hold 58.048% of the shares.

      The outcome of the transaction includes a change in the supervisory board, where Dr. Junyang Shao become the chairman of the supervisory board.  The mid-long term benefit is probably the facilitation towards the Chinese market.  You can find the full article in the link below.

Source: Successful completion of Fosun’s acquisition of a majority stake in Wolford

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