Review: Fogal All Nude Knee-Highs

      I myself like the appearance and design of Fogal all Nude tights very much.  Thus, in my last shopping spree, I picked up a pair of knee highs from the same range.  Finally, it is time to reveal them.

Strengths & Weaknesses

⊕ Satin-like elegant shimmer appearance.
⊕ Reinforcement at the sole (front-half).
⊕ Very comfortable to the skin thanks to its silky texture.

• Sizing do not correspond to tights.

Packaging & product description

      The packaging is very similar to that of the Wolford Luxe 9 Knee-Highs I reviewed before.  In brief, the knee-highs are hold in place using a thin piece of cardboard.  Such is then enclosed in a two-fold cardboard, then wrapped in a transparent plastic sleeve.

      The product description is more detailed online, which I have extracted below:

“Nude look – completely invisible. Ultra sheer, soft 10-den knee-highs in a matte finish. A perfect fit due to the use of double-wrapped spandex in each row. Perfect skin tones for every skin type.”

– Invisible toe seam
– Pleasant to wear due to the soft comfortable cuff
– A perfect fit due to 3D technology

Appearance & texture

      All nude Knee-highs have an ultra sheer and slight sheen appearance.  The texture is very silky and soft.  It is also very elastic.  The cuff measures 2cm wide.  It is made of elastic band and is opaque & matte.  The knee high measures 36.5cm from ankle to cuff when laid on a flat surface.  The toes are not reinforced, but the front section of the sole is reinforced.

The composition is 75% nylon and 25% elastane.

(Image from Fogal Online Shop)

Size range

      There are two sizes to choose from: size S-M and L.  I have bought size S-M for this review.


      At the time of writing this review, there are 9 colours to choose from.  Eight of them are nude colours (from left to right): Cream, Chocolate, Skin, Poudre, Blossom, Plage Nude and Capri.  The remaining is Black.  I chose Plage for this review.

(Image from Fogal Online Shop)



      The fit was a bit small.  I had to stretch it to full extent so it sits just below the knee.  Consequently, it didn’t take too long for the knee highs to slide down and became socks.  I thought the sizing works similar for both tights and knee-highs, but I later found out that they are different.  As you can see from the link below, I should have gone for size L instead.  Likewise, the cuff was a bit tight on the calves.


      The appearance was identical to its tights counterpart.  It was sheer with a slight sheen.  The slight sheen looks like satin fabric, which shimmers with elegance.

      The toes are not reinforced, hence especially suitable for open toe shoes.  The reinforced sole was clearly visible but no one would notice unless you deliberately put your feet towards someone.


      The texture felt very smooth, soft and silky, making it very comfortable to wear.  The knee-kighs was also very stretchy and breathable.

      I didn’t feel the reinforced sole being particularly thick or uncomfortable, even at the edge where two yarns merge.

Final Words

      If I didn’t get the sizing wrong, the All Nude Knee-Highs would be my all-time favourite.  Their texture was indeed in high quality, and a reinforced front sole was a bonus.  These knee-highs do not come cheap though, a pair would cost CHF 19.50 or roughly €16.81 or USD$19.65.

Fogal Online Shop (English)

      If you like knee-highs with slight sheen, do check out my review on Wolford Satin Touch 20 Knee-Highs here.

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