Review: Falke Invisible Deluxe 8 tights

      Since my review on Wolford’s ultra-sheer tights, I have always wanted to try out other brands of the same category and see how they perform.  So I bought two pairs from Falke, and Invisible Deluxe 8 tights being one of them.  Scroll down and see what it has to offer.

Strengths & Weaknesses

⊕ Transparent look, as if bare-legged.
⊕ Pretty stretchy.
⊕ Boxer brief but not apparent due to sheerness nature.

• Short toe section.

⊗ The texture a bit course to the touch.

Packaging & product description

      The packaging uses the standard cardboard, tri-fold cardboard and transparent plastic sleeve manner.  The description, the size chart and composition are printed on the rear cover.  Other specs of the style are shown on the plastic sleeve using a sticker.  Neither the front cover nor the image at the rear clearly shows the style.  If you want to take a closer look, the images in the online shop are clearer.

      The product description online and on the rear cover is more or less the same.  I have extracted the online one below:

“A breath of diaphanous elegance ultra-transparent, invisible matt-effect tights give your legs a wonderful look exquisite fabric composition and feminine panty section luxurious, even mesh structure thanks to 3D knitting technique high-quality flat seam ensures unique comfort, hygienic gusset in mesh look and toe with a soft seam of the finest quality.”

Appearance & texture

      The Invisible deluxe 8 is ultra-sheer tights (8 den appearance) in matte fashion.  The texture is relatively soft and very stretchy, but a little coarse to the touch.  The knitted waistband measures 3cm wide.  There is no fingerband, but the whole panty is made slightly thicker.  It looks like a box brief with a 10-15 den appearance.  There is a hygienic gusset and the toe section is lightly reinforced.

      The composition is 84% polyamide and 16% elastane.

(Image from Falke)

Size range

      The size ranges from S to L.  I have attached the size chart below.  Size M/L is used in this review.


      At the time of writing this review, there are 9 shades available.  I have included the colour palette below.  I bought Cocoon for this review.

(Image from Falke)



      It took me some time to slip my hand through the hose to the tip of the toe, as the tights are not as smooth as it seems.  I also had to be very careful because of its ultra-sheer nature.  Thankfully the tights are quite stretchy, so I could boldly but gently pull the tights up to the waist.


      The fit was good and true to its size recommendation.  The envelopment was actually good despite having a relative low elastane composition.  Both the panty and the waistband were very comfortable.  The waistband was pressure-free and didn’t roll down even after prolonged wear.


      The tights didn’t have the powder effect that I usually see ultra-sheer tights.  Rather, it looked as if I am bare-legged.  It was only when the sun shined directly onto the tights that it showed a discreet sheen.  This may shed some ideas for you when styling.  The colour distribution was even.  Moreover, the higher denier appearance of the panty was actually not that obvious.  In addition, this style also feature a small toe section.  The reinforced toe only covered half the area (see image below).


      It felt a bit coarse, like very fine sand when caressing the hand over the tights.  However, it was very soft to the skin and pretty elastic.  The breathability surely was very good.

Final words

      Being one of the basic essential, I find Invisible Deluxe 8 tights to be pretty decent for warm days.  They are almost transparent, like a thin web covering your legs.  They are also very stretchy, hence you don’t have to worry but tights become baggy.  The only thing I don’t like is the coarse touch.  You won’t notice while wearing but you will when you touch it or when the feet rubs each other.

      Invisible Deluxe 8 tights is available throughout the year for €18/€19 (depending where you buy it) or £15.  The range is also available in stay ups.

Falke Online Shop (English)

      If you prefer ultra-sheer tights, you may be interested in my comparison review between Wolford Nude 8 and Naked 8 Tights here.

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