May 2018 Newsletter – Recap on the road

      I am exactly half way through my journey on the other side of the world.  There is so much to see and visit.  We are also very fortunate to be serviced by very nice people, waiters, shop assistants and B&B hosts alike.

18 May 00

Brand hunting in London

      One thing I love to do during travel is to visit shops and department stores and see what brands they have on their shelves.  I did that in London as well, and this is what I have observed…

      Fenwick at New Bond St. has the widest selection of brands.  They stock Falke, Fogal, Oroblù, Philippe Matignon, Wolford, and a number of individual brands.  Both Selfridges and Harrods have only Falke and Wolford.  However, their hosiery department are big enough to encompass almost the entire collection for both brands.  There is Virtually no hosiery department at Liberty, but I did find Swedish Stockings here.  I also visited a number of TK Maxx.  Since they buy end-of-season hosiery in bulks, brands available changes from time to time.

      One more thing, some departments sell Wolford on old prices.  They probably bought them in bulks as well, hence are not affected by changes in pricing that happened last month.  For more about Wolford pricing changes, you can read my post here.

      The lack of variety of brands in department stores and the numerous online retailers does leave me wonder which contributed to which.


      Last month’s review includes tights sheer to semi-opaque.  I also did a review on micro fishnet tights by Swedish Stockings.  You can find the links below if you missed them.  Again, you can access all my reviews from the “REVIEW” menu.

KUNERT continues celebrating 111th Birthday

      The company’s May special is 20% OFF on the Satin Look Range.  Simply use the code: 111mai at checkout.


      I have wrote a couple reviews in advance.  I am short of one review, which I will do while on the road.  Everything will be back to normal early June, after I arrive at home.

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