Review: Fogal Make Up tights

      Maybe there was lack of emphasis, or maybe it is not Fogal’s specialty.  I have not met support tights by Fogal, at least, not until now.  In this review, we look into the Make Up, the control top tights by Fogal.

Strengths & Weaknesses

⊕ Slimmer effect on the legs because of slight leg support.
⊕ Moderate shaping effect at the hips and tummy.
⊕ Pleasant aroma from the tights during unboxing.

⊗ Low quality knitting finish at the upper thigh.

Packaging & product description

      The packaging uses the standard cardboard, tri-fold cardboard and transparent plastic sleeve manner.  The image on the front cover gives a general idea how the tights looks like.  Basic descriptions are written on the back of the packaging in English, German and French.  Specifications of the tights are also shown on the rear cover.

      I have extracted the online description here:

“Silky luster with support. Comfortable, slightly concealing pantyhose made from spandex yarn with body-forming decorative panties. Gentle support for light-feeling and beautiful legs from morning to night, particularly comfortable to wear.”

– Gentle support for light-feeling legs
– Coverage effect
– Shaping panty section for the tummy area
– Soft, comfortable knitted waistband
– Invisible heel
– Reinforced toe
– Cotton gusset

Appearance & texture

      I will describe the panty and the hose separately, as they differ between each other in many aspects.

      The panty is semi-opaque (40 denier) in matte fashion.  The texture is synthetic but a bit rough.  The knitted waistband measures 2.5cm wide.  There is a cotton gusset.

      The hose looks semi-sheer (30 denier appearance in my experience).  It has a reflective sheen appearance.  It feels relatively smooth yet somewhat synthetic.  Both the toe and the heel are reinforced.  In addition, Fogal uses a band of floral pattern as a transition from panty to hose.

      The composition is 84% Polyamide and 16% Elastane.

(Image from Fogal)

Size range

      There are three basic sizes: Small, Medium and Large.  In addition, there is also M EXTRA and L EXTRA.  These EXTRA sizes have the same height range as their counterparts but provide more room at the bottom and hips.  I have included the size chart below.  Size M is used in this review.


      There are three colours at the time of writing this review.  They are (from left to right): Blossom, Noir and Brasil.  I bought Noir for this review.

(Image from Fogal)


      Two distinct smells float in the air as I unboxed the tights.  One was an odour of plastic that I do occasionally encounter.  The other was a scent, which I could not describe but I am sure it smells synthetic.  Maybe it was from an air freshener, aromatics or something similar.  It may also be that the staff responsible had applied hand cream before carry on sewing the panty.  As there was no sign of the tights being worn or any description that Fogal added fragrance, I can only assume this was a pure accident.  Anyway, it was quite a weird encounter.


      Size M did give a good fit.  There was also a good envelopment on both the legs and panty.  The waistband was slightly tight on my waist.


      I had mixed views towards the appearance.  The good side was that the tights have a light support effect on the legs, thereby making the legs look slimmer.  Also, the floral band was beautifully crafted and made the transition from 30 to 40 denier look natural.  The bad side was that the knitting below the panty (upper thigh) was distorted.  It looked like cheap tights from corner shop.  Luckily, it only appeared on a small area, and the rest looked absolutely gorgeous.

      A note, the product description at the rear cover mentioned reinforced heel.  However, the heel section was not reciprocated*.  Given the knitting is the same, maybe the whole foot section is strengthened.


      The texture was smooth but rather synthetic (nylon feel).  This was especially the case for the panty, where extra layers are added to achieve shaping effect.  The breathability was relatively good on the legs but moderate-to-poor at the panty.


      Overall, there was a moderate compression from the panty.  The effect can be felt at the tummy.  There was also a light-to-moderste lifting effect to the bottom.  In accordance with the product description, there was light support on the entire leg. The tension is very strong at the ankle, and gradually softens from the knee upwards.

Final words

      This was the first control top/support tights I have tried from Fogal.  It has moderate shaping effect on the panty and light-to-moderate support on the legs.  The overall quality was good, apart from the minor distortions.

      Fogal does mention if their items are made of natural fibres.  However, I had to go into each individual item to realise they do produce support tights.  This is something Fogal can work on (if support wear is also they interest).

The Make Up tights is one of the basic essentials.  The recommended retail price is CHF 39.50, £31, around €34.00 or USD$41.50.

Fogal Online Shop (English)

* You can view my glossary here to learn more about technical terms I use.

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