Review: Kunert Raffinesse Pinstripe Tights

      Back to work?  It would be fantastic if not.  Nonetheless, I would like to start the year with a pair of tights that are most suitable for workplace.  The Raffinesse Pinstripe Tights by Kunert.

Strengths & Weaknesses

⊕ Semi-sheer look with total matte appearance.
⊕ Legs look slimmer because of the vertical stripes.

⊗ A bit coarse texture.

Packaging & product description

      The packaging was the same as the Fly & Care 40 tights I reviewed before.  You can click here to find out more.

      Although Kunert does not have an English website, their product features at the back of the packaging are printed in three languages.  The English version reads:

Tights Semi-Opaque, Matt

Elegant and extravagant with fine pinstripes all over.

  • Flat seam and cotton gusset
  • Patterned panty and pressure-free comfort band
  • Transparent reinforced toes.

Appearance & texture

      The Raffinesse Pinstripe is semi-opaque (29 Den, 20 Den appearance) tights in total matte fashion.  It is characterised by stripes that runs vertically from panty to toe.  The stripe is less than 2mm wide, and are patterned like clover when viewed at very close range.  The texture feels a bit coarse.  The pressure-free waistband measures 3.5cm wide.  There is a cotton gusset and a transparent, reinforced toe section.

      The composition is 83% polyamide and 17% elastane.

(Sourced from Kunert Online Shop)

Size range

      The size ranges from 0 36/38XS to V 48/50XXL.  I have included the size chart below for comparison.  Size II 40/42M is used in this review.


      At the time of writing this review, there are three colours available in the online shop.  They are Black, Marine and Basalt.  I have bought Black for this review.

(Sourced from Kunert Online Shop)



      The fit was true to its size.  There were rooms for taller people as the size chart suggests.  The envelopment was moderate on the legs, yet pretty tight at the upper thigh and panty.   May be my tummy has upsized during the break, ha!  The knitted waistband were fairly comfortable.


      In my opinion, the thickness of the stripes and the gap between them are well-balanced.  When combined with the high-quality knitting, it undoubtedly give a professional look.  Best of all, these vertical stripes are not particularly segregated at the thigh, thus making the legs look slimmer.

      Although the tights are designed for women in the first place, I find the pattern to be neutral.  Men could pair it with formal shoes without looking odd.

      The online description is accurate with regard to the denier.  The appearance was more towards semi-sheer than semi-opaque as the product description suggests.  This leaves the number 40 on the front cover ambiguous.


     The texture is relatively soft but not smooth to the touch.  It felt like micro granules when I stroke my hand gently across the surface of the tights.  Having said that, the slight roughness quickly went unnoticed until you accidentally rub your legs against the other.  In addition, the breathability is moderate.

Final words

      The Raffinesse Pinstripe demonstrates professionalism with its high-quality design.  It also gives a bonus: make your legs look slimmer.  If I have to name a notion for future improvement, it would be the texture.

      The tights are available online as well as in retail shops for €16.

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