Wolford gets help from Sid on their U.K. Online Shop

      If you have been surfing the Wolford U.K. online shop recently, you will notice that they introduced a chatbot named Sid.  It is incorporated to facilitate your shopping experience.  The main area of assist are finding items and customer service.

Product search

      If you know exactly what you are looking for, you can type the name of the product in the message box.  Sid will lead you to the item as well as show you other, relevant ones.  This is similar to Wolford’s Search column, but uses a different algorithm, and thus different results for relevant items.  If you are unsure, you can browse its suggestions or search using keywords (Matte in the example below).  You will be prompted to answer a couple of questions before Sid shows you with its suggestions.

      I am familiar with Wolford products, so I find the Search column more useful to find what I am looking for.  However, Sid does allow you to search using keywords, and its precision would get better over time.

Customer service

      Sid can lead you to information that is otherwise not so easy to find, such as your current order status and FAQ.  For other enquiries or complaints, Sid will acquire your email and have a staff working with you directly.

      Sid is currently on desktop website only and relies solely on typing.  The company responsible for Sid aims to make it as an “intelligent platform” that will revolutionise the way we shop.  It will take some time before this happens but I look forward to it.


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