Review: Falke Sensation 20 seamless tights

      I have done a few reviews on seamless tights and today, I’d like to do another – Sensation 20 seamless tights by Falke.

Strengths & Weaknesses

⊕ Eye-catching floral lace waistband that can be shown as decoration.
⊕ Relative soft and smooth texture to the skin.

• Low-waist panty design.

Packaging & product description

      The packaging uses the standard cardboard, tri-fold cardboard and transparent plastic sleeve manner.  The product description is very similar between online and at the back of the packaging.  I have extracted the online version below:

      With the introduction of Sensation 20 tights, FALKE is offering tights without any aggravating seams or gusset in the crotch area. They are cosy to wear under close-fitting garments. The floral decorative lace waist border fits your body perfectly. The 20 denier fabric composition softly flatters the legs and conjures up a beautifully even mat look.

  • Panty area without gusset and seams – seamless all round
  • No marks, it is particularly good to wear under close-fitting clothes
  • Floral decorative lace as waist border fits your body perfectly
  • Refined material composition and 3D knitting technique
  • Even, transparent mesh structure with a matt finish

Appearance & texture

      The Sensation 20 are seamless tights in total matte fashion.  It is sheer-to-waist (20 denier appearance).  The panty has a low-waist design and there is no gusset.  The waistband measures 6cm.  It is made from a thin fabric decorated with open-knit floral lace.  The texture is relatively smooth and soft.

      The composition for the panty and the hose is 80% polyamide & 20% elastane.  Regarding the waistband, it is 75% polyamide and 25% elastane.

(Falke Online Shop)

Size range

      Like the Net Women Tights I reviewed before, the Sensation 20 does not have size XL.  I have attached the size chart below.  Size M/L is used in this review.


      At the time of writing this review, there are three colours available online.  They are: Black, Brazil and Golden.  I purchased Powder colour from a third party online retailer.  It is part of the nude colour range, with a hue lighter than Golden.



      The fit was fairly good.  There was also a good envelopment both on the legs and at the panty.  The waistband was a bit tight on me.  I had it sit below the navel, where the circumference measured 31 inches.  I did try to pull the waistband above the navel where the circumference is a bit smaller (29 inches).  However, it lacks the length and would roll down eventually.


      The appearance is “introverted”.  Its total matte fashion is not designed to allure yet it has a decorative floral lace waistband.  This leads to many possibilities for styling.  One more thing, the toe section has a different knitting.  I suspect it is lightly reinforced (although not mentioned anywhere on the description).


      The texture felt relatively smooth, soft and pleasant.  The breathability however, wasn’t good.  Despite its relative thin 20 denier appearance, I found the knitting (see image below) easy to trap heat.  It would be a great accessory for spring or autumn, but certainly not on a sunny day amidst summer.

Final words

      Seamless tights are very easy to match and convenient to wear, especially for summer.  The Sensation 20 is one of such with an exception.  The likelihood to trap heat makes it more suitable for cooler days.  The tights are available year-round for €32 or £32.

Falke Online Shop (English)

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