December 2017 Newsletter – Farewell Fogal (Update: 18/02/18)

      I was saddened by the news that Fogal went bankrupt.  I have always praised their exceptional quality in sheer tights and ingenious size system.  If you like Fogal also, now is a good time to stock what is available.


      November has also been a productive month.  I did an extra review in addition to the usual three.  I also finished the comparison review between Wolford Nude 8 and Naked 8 tights.  This was where I find a clarification would be very helpful.  If you missed the reviews, you can find them here:

      You will find a complete list of my reviews/comparisons from the menus at the top (where the red cycle indicates).

Minor changes in the Sidebar.

      I have taken down the individual brands from the Category list.  This is because the majority of my posts are reviews, which you can already access from the menu.  I have reintroduced Tags in the sidebar.  Thus allowing you to quick access some of the frequently used keywords.  You can also utilise the Search column at top right of the blog.

      I have been experimenting other available themes, aiming to have a fresh look in early 2018.


      2017 has been a fruitful year for ilovehosiery.  The blog has grown considerably; its contents more solid than ever.  I have also been establishing links with brands and retailers.  There is no doubt that 2018 is going to be even more fantastic.  One thing that seems to be lacking is my art creations.  Perhaps I can find some time during the Christmas period.  Enjoy the festive season, and see you next year~


After consolidating funding, Fogal is now back on the market.  You can browse their products and new items from their website:   (18/02/18)

10 replies on “December 2017 Newsletter – Farewell Fogal (Update: 18/02/18)”

I have been wearing Fogal footless tights for several years, the color assortment and fit were
amazing. So sad they are gone. Does any other company make a similar product of comparable quality and selection? All suggestions are welcomed.


The fogal store still open. I need the. adresses the fogal store in Múnich . I dont now if still open. The fogal Webpage is back online . Whe need a password for login


Hi Carlos,

You can find the contact details of Fogal Shop Munich here:
My friends told me that “the Business is gone!”. If you are after Fogal hosiery, you can check out various department stores such as Ludwig Beck or Oberpollinger.

(The Fogal website was like this for several months before it turned into “We’ll be back SOON”. I originally thought they are doing a complete facelift, but it turned out to be closing down.)


Darn Fogal is a great brand it is a shame of this news. Well know one thing won’t be getting them off ebay unless they are a nice price but some people the sell them there will try to jack the price up to take advantage of this.


I don’t believe jacking the price up is worth the effort. This is because:
1. Textile is not easy to preserve. If you leave a pair of tights unopened for couple of years, the elasticity change. The packaging is likely to develop mould in warm, humid climate.
2. Fogal hosiery prices are already at the top end of the spectrum. Further increase the price will only attract the diehard Fans. But how many are out there?
3. There are some brands that also make high quality hosiery.
I like Fogal hosiery, but I buy them in original price only because I need to review them. Otherwise I would wait until end-of-season sale.


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