Comparison Review: Wolford Nude 8 tights vs. Naked 8 Tights (Updated: 20/04/18)

      Their names are easy to get mixed up and their product description indistinguishable.  Yes, I am talking about the Nude 8 and Naked 8 tights from Wolford.  In this comparison, I would like show you their similarities and differences, which will help you choosing the right one.

Basic information

Nude 8 Naked 8
Denier: 8 DEN appearance 8 DEN appearance
Appearance: Matte, discreet sheen with powdery effect slight sheen
Waistband: knitted, 4cm wide knitted, 3cm wide
Finger band: 3cm wide 2cm wide
Reinforced toe: No No
Reinforced heel: No No
Composition: 50% nylon and 50% elastane 100% nylon
Size: XS-XL XS-L
Price: €19 or £19 €19 or £19

Similarities and differences


      I wore size S for both items.  The main difference is envelopment.  Both are relatively loose, like a thin layer of fabric hovering on the skin.  The Nude 8 has a slightly better envelopment, thanks to high amount of elastane.  In addition, the waistband of Nude 8 is 1cm wider than that of the Naked 8.  For me, that didn’t make much difference.  Mind that Naked 8 only goes up to size L.

Above: Panty section of Nude 8 (Left) and Naked 8 (Right).

Above: Waistband and fingerband of Nude 8 (Left) and Naked 8 (Right).


      The Nude 8 is matte with powdery effect, like applying foundation on the legs.  It is very difficult to observe if the colour chosen matches to that of your skin.  The appearance turns into discreet sheen under direct sunlight.  Naked 8 on the other hand, has a slight sheen appearance even in ambient light environment.  It is therefore easier to spot.  Naked 8 is more likely to form bags around the knee and ankle, as it has no elastane.  For this reason, micro-adjustments are needed from time to time.  Both tights have unreinforced toe (sandal toe).

      Being ultra-sheer, these tights are very, very delicate.  Both were snagged in my first wear.  Interestingly, the appearance of snags were different.  The Nude 8 had threads pulled out to form a tiny fluffy ball.  You could potentially wear it inside-out, so the loose-end threads would be covered up.  Naked 8 forms a tiny hole when snagged.  Fortunately, snags are very difficult to observe on both tights if the nude colour matches to that of your skin.  In my experience, I find Nude 8 being more prone to snag than Naked 8, may be due to the knitting structure.

Above: The texture.  Nude 8 (Left) and Naked 8 (Right).

Above: Both Nude 8 (Left) and Naked 8 (Right) has unreinforced heel.

Above: Both tights have sandal toe (Nude 8: Left; Naked 8: Right).

Above: Naked 8 showing slight sheen regardless of lighting environment.


      Nude 8 has a silky, soft texture, whereas the Naked 8 has a more synthetic feel.  Both were moderately comfortable but I prefer the former.  Needless to say, both possess excellent breathability.

ilovehosiery advice

      The main difference between Nude 8 and Naked 8 is appearance and texture.  Nude 8 is matte, silky and soft while Naked 8 is sheen and rather synthetic.

      Personally, I don’t recommend these tights as they are too delicate to last even a couple occasions.  I also don’t find hosiery gloves to be helpful in this case.  For this reason, only buy them if you really need the ultra-sheerness.  If you like the texture found in Nude 8, you will find Luxe 9 or Transparency 10 to be good alternatives.  As for Naked 8, the closest alternative you can find would be Satin touch 20.

      For the full review of these tights, you can find the link below:

Review: Wolford Nude 8 Tights (Revised: 16/10/17)
Review: Wolford Naked 8 Tights (Revised: 06/10/17)


  • Price change.  (20/04/18)

7 replies on “Comparison Review: Wolford Nude 8 tights vs. Naked 8 Tights (Updated: 20/04/18)”

I’m frustrated by this industry. The brands (or is it just the retailers?) seem to claim that men are a big part of their clients. Yet the marketing is nonexistent.
Wolford have a unisex section on their website but have no male models. My wife and I received a coupon after answering a survey for them and I used the opportunity to address my thoughts to them by email. The answer was not personalized at all and only mentioned that my suggestions had been forwarded to the required department. My conclusion is that they don’t care. They care about the amount of sales that it represents, but not the image of their customers. Wolford is a very chic brand, and could totally promote a hosiery related fashion that would be fashionable and classy, using ripped jeans, classic cut Bermuda shorts, and what more. One male barely appeared on a promotional video of theirs and that’s it. I feel the 20-40 den models look the best both on men and women. Yet, I still haven’t overcome society’s cliché to wear them in public. Most available content on male hosiery is about fetish and cross-dressing, and that doesn’t represent me at all. Brands must step in if they really care.
Even comfort4men, a 100% male oriented brand, doesn’t promote their products on real live models!! A dummy and a cheap 3D computer image is all we’ve got. Am I missing something? Is it a matter of cost? I thought the business was huge?!
I suppose Adrian are trying a bit more. But Wolford and their unisex section is not honest, just a commercial trick. Heist seem to have changed their angle too. Looks like the new “I see your legs” are the bravest ones with their lifestyle models section and unisex packaging. But they are small compared to the German (where is Falke??) and Austrian giants that provide the best products…

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Hi John,

I understand your frustration. It is an issue so complexed that no one would have a right answer. My partner’s view toward this is simple: “these brands have ideologies and burdens of their own. Until tights become a necessity to men, don’t expect them to make drastic changes.” My perspective is totally different however. I scrap the gender issue altogether and just look at the aesthetics. This is because I believe people are naturally attracted to beautiful people/manners/things. Everyday, I look for an answer to my own question: “How can men dress smart with tights?” By thinking this way, ideas pop out spontaneously. Allan


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