November 2017 Newsletter (Updated 08/11/17)

Did you enjoy the Halloween?  It is okay if you didn’t, because the festive season is at the door.


      October has been a very productive month.  I managed to do an extra review on top of the basic three.  One of them is leggings, a style I haven’t been reviewing for quite some time.  You can read the reviews below if you missed any of them:

Fogal Ivette Leggings

Wolford Night Glow Tights

Kunert Blue Showpiece fishnet tights

Fogal Genna Tights

      I also revised Wolford Nude 8 and Naked 8 tights reviews.  Both were wrote when the blog was at its infancy.  I have restructured the contents for better readability and uploaded higher resolution images.  You can find the revised reviews here:

Wolford Nude 8 Tights

Wolford Naked 8 Tights

New styles hit the road

      There has been some interesting styles released in the midst of the season.  I have picked out a few…

Kunert Mummy 80 leggings

      First off is the refocus of the Mummy Collection from Kunert.  It include tights in 20 and 80 denier and Leggings in 80 Denier.  The main feature is you can extend the size of the panty section by cutting loose at the designated area.  This is similar to the technology used in Wolford Comfort Cut 40 Tights.  You can watch the promotional video here:

Heist Studios seamless tights in extended sizes

      The Brand will launch the long-waited larger sizes of their iconic seamless tights on the 15th of November.  Their tights are uniquely constructed so the waistband wont roll or dig in and the hose doesn’t budge downwards.  The current size ranges from U.K. 4-14 (E.U. 32-44 or U.S. 0-12), the additional sizes will encompass sizes up to U.K. 26 (E.U. 56 or U.S. 24).

Wolford Emily Tights

      This statement piece is a collaboration between Wolford and the British writer & poet Nikita Gill.  It features a line from her poem “Wild Embers” at the back of the legs, mimicking backseam.  Each letter was cut by laser and applied by hand onto Velvet 66 de Luxe Tights.  The tights are available from 1st of November at Wolford’s London Marylebone Boutique.  It will be available online and in other retail shops from 15 November.


(Sourced from: Wolford FB post)


      My partner and I will be going for a short break some time next week.  Hence I will stick to the usual three reviews for the time being, and perhaps an additional one if I have time.  Until then, Best wishes for Thanksgiving~


Release date for Wolford Emily Tights (Sourced from: wolford x Nikita Gill – Stiletto Shades.  (08/11/17)

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