October 2017 Newsletter – Back to the basic essentials

      Welcome back to ilovehosiery and my monthly newsletter.  For those who are new to the blog, this is where I spend a bit of time sharing with you what I have done in the previous month and my plans for the coming one.  But before we do so, let us pray for the victims of last night’s shooting in Las Vegas.


      I concluded the sheer tights series with the Wolford Mat 10 Tights review.  I then started a new series of review for patterned tights, starting with all-time favourites including fishnets and dots.  If you missed out the reviews, you can read them from the links below:

Wolford Mat 10 Tights
Fogal Pois Tights
Falke Net Women Tights

Above: Fogal Pois Tights

Busy September at ilovehosiery

      Thank you all for the continuous support for ilovehosiery.  The volume in the month of September was the highest yet!  When I went through the statistics, I found the Fifty tights by Heist Studios received the most views.  However, the Wolford sheer tights dominated the search.  Below are the rankings from No.1 to No.7:

  1. Heist Studios the Fifty Tights (431)
  2. Wolford Nude 8 tights (290)
  3. Wolford Fatal 15 tights (214)
  4. Heist Studios the Thirty tights (166)
  5. Wolford Sheer 15 (154)
  6. Wolford Naked 8 tights (137)
  7. Wolford Satin Touch 20 tights (133)

      It would be interesting to see if Wolford sales has similar findings and how this is going to change in October.

Above: Panty section of the Fifty Tights, from Heist Studios.


      In this month, I would like to continue looking at patterned tights.  I have chosen a mix of patterns in both sheer and opaque appearances, which will stand out whatever the occasion.  Until then, why not have a beer and enjoy the rest of October~

2 replies on “October 2017 Newsletter – Back to the basic essentials”

I love your blog.
There is Wolford sales in regular bases in France.
l bought total of 15 paires in
3 different occasion and l paied only for 9 ~ 12€/pair.
I checked your review before l purchased them and helped and helping me so much.
I particularly appreciate your detailed review including the pictures (to check how it looks like in real -thanks to not a studio pic.).
Your review is not only very professional but also clean.


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