Review: Wolford Mat 10 Tights

       I picked this up from the Outlet in Bregenz for one reason – it is not available online.  I am not sure if it is an exclusive item for outlets or is also available in boutiques.  Anyway…  let’s take a look at these mysterious sheer tights.

Strengths & Weaknesses

⊕ Good envelopment thanks to great stretchiness.
⊕ Matte with reflective sheen.

• Fit according to the size chart.
• Mild heat retention.

Product description

Below is the description I found online:

Comfortably soft: These tights are extraordinary with their all-over translucency and delicate, matt look. The soft waistband guarantees a perfect fit.

  • Virtually invisible toe reinforcement (Shadow Toe)
  • Cotton gusset

An all-rounder for different occasions.

I can understand how difficult it is to describe a minimalistic item.

Appearance & texture

       Mat 10 tights are sheer (10 denier appearance) in matte fashion. It is sheer-to-waist tights.  The texture feels silky and very stretchy.  The waistband measures 2.5cm wide.  This is followed by a finger band measuring 5.5cm wide.  There is a knitted gusset and a reinforced toe.

The composition is 83% nylon and 17% elastane.

Size range

The size runs from XS to L.  I have attached the chart below.  Like before, size S is used in this review.


       The colour I bought is Gobi.  You may find other colours such as Cosmetic or Black but is subject to availability.



       The fit was slightly small.  What happened was that the tights is pretty elastic.  Hence the panty was frequently being dragged down.  This is a rare occasion where size M would give me a better fit.  The waistband was relatively comfortable.


       The tights was described as having a matte look.  However, it is actually matte with a reflective sheen.  For those of you who have been following my blog know that I particularly like this combination.  It gives a modest yet subtle & dynamic look that is only apparent through careful inspection.


       The first impression was it was very stretchy.  This means it also has a good envelopment.  It also felt quite silky.  I could feel the strings of yarn softly slide against the skin when moving.  Despite being 10 denier, the breathability isn’t particularly great.  On the contrary, it  retains heat to certain extent.

Final words

       Frankly speaking, I like Mat 10.  I was surprised that the item ended in outlet instead of being a basic essential.  Perhaps Wolford has other thoughts about its position in the existing product line.

       The retails price is £20 or €29 but I don’t recall I pay that much for it.  Do check with your local Wolford shops for availability if you are interested.

       If you like sheer tights in total matte fashion, you can check out Wolford Individual 20 tights here.

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