Review: KUNERT Beauty 7 Tights

       First of all, a big applause to myself, as I tested these ultra-sheer tights in the coldest time of the year.  I somehow comprehend the polarisation we see in fashion shows, that seasonal trends are shown half an year earlier.  The hardest part for me was to keep still while taking close range shots.  Anyway, let’s look at these beautiful tights closely.

Strengths & Weaknesses

⊕ Very comfortable waistband.
⊕ Could wear back to front.
⊕ Dynamic shiny appearance.
⊕ Very airy.
⊕ Affordable price.

• Hose loosely hang on the legs.

⊗ Prone to snag.

First look & packaging

       The packaging is very much identical to Kunert Chinchillan 20 Tights I reviewed a while ago.  You can click here to see my description.

Appearance & texture

       Beauty 7 is ultra-sheer tights with a shiny appearance.  It is almost sheer-to-waist: the rio-styled panty has a semi-sheer look and there is a knitted gusset.  Kunert says these features allows one to wear the tights without the need for underwear.  The texture is very light and airy.  The pressure-free waistband measures 3cm wide and there is a knitted gusset.  In addition, the toes are lightly reinforced.

       The composition is 60% polyamide and 40% polyurethane.  The latter is used as a form of elastane.

(Sourced from KUNERT Online Shop)

Size range

       Six sizes are available for Beauty 7 tights, which encompass height from 150cm (4’9”) to 180cm (5’9”).  I have attached the size chart below.  Size II 40-42M was used for this review.


       There are six colours available at the time of writing this review.  From left to right, they are: Candy, Cashmere, Sun, Teint, Foundation and Acapulco.  The one I used in this review is Cashmere.

(Sourced from KUNERT Online Shop)


Overall, the fit was good.  The waistband is very comfortable.  It also serves in important function: to hold everything in place.  This is because the hose is made loose.  It doesn’t have the envelopment one would experience from very stretchy tights.  Rather, the hose lightly attaches to the skin.  I often had the feeling that the tights are budging yet when I look down, there were no bags below the knees.

       There was no markings to differentiate between front and back.  Nor was there apparent evidence of the tights undergone boarding.  Therefore, the tights can potentially be worn back to front.

I really like the presentation of shimmer.  Not too heavy, not too light, just splendid.  I have taken a few pictures detailing such at various angles.  You will see them further down the blog.

       In addition, the colour distribution was pretty uniform from waist to toe.  The sheer-to-waist appearance meant least distraction when paired with mini skirt and short shorts.  The reinforced toe section remained sheer, hence perfect with sandals.

It felt like some very light fabric caressing the legs.  The texture per se is moderately soft and smooth.  Being ultra-sheer means the tights are very airy.  If you are expecting big changes in temperature, do bring a scarf along with you.

       Like all ultra-sheer hosiery, Beauty 7 tights are extremely delicate.  I already contributed some snags on the first two times of wearing.  Fortunately, the shiny nature and nude colour made them difficult to see even at very close range.  Also, I would recommend avoid wearing knitwear or clothes made from coarse fabrics.  The yarns can become entangled with those of tights, resulting snags.

Final words

       It is a pity that I had to hide its beauty for most of the time.  I will definitely wearing them when the days become warmer.  If you are living in north hemisphere, now is a great time to enjoy.

       Beauty 7 tights are also very affordable, priced at £9.99 or €9.50.  It also comes in stay-ups, knee-highs and socks.

5 replies on “Review: KUNERT Beauty 7 Tights”

Thanks for the review. The only default mentioned is a bit predictable, so I might give it a try as it seems to be a cheaper alternative to the Falke Shelina 12.


Great to know! I haven’t tried many Kunert tights yet but I feel like they don’t have the size issues the Falke have


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