Review: Wolford Satin Touch 20 Tights (Updated: 20/04/18)

       Believe or not, this is my seventh pair of Wolford Satin Touch 20 tights.  Most of which were bought and worn in the past decade, and I have not been touching them for several years.  I decided to pick up this in the Wolford Factory Outlet, solely for review purposes.

Strengths & Weaknesses

⊕ Shiny appearance is dynamic and eye-catching.
⊕ Come in all sizes.
⊕ 23 colours available; highest in Wolford hosiery.
⊕ Lightly reinforced toe is almost invisible.
⊕ Under 20 Euros and Pounds.

⊗ Become baggy over long period of wearing.

Appearance & texture

       Satin Touch 20 is sheer tights (20 denier appearance) from waist-to-toe.  It has a shiny appearance, as well as a relative soft and smooth texture.  The Wolford signature knitted waistband measures 3.2cm wide. The circumference of such is 34.5cm (13.5 inch) when laid on a flat surface.  There is also a 5.8cm-wide finger band in semi-sheer fashion, as well as a knitted cotton gusset.  The toe section is lightly reinforced.

       The composition is 88% polyamide and 12% nylon.

(Source: Wolford Online Shop)

Size range

       Satin Touch 20 Tights come in all sizes.  I have included the chart below for your reference.  As usual, I bought size S for this review.


       I counted 23 colours at the time of writing this review.  This makes the Satin Touch 20 Tights the widest colour selection available in Wolford’s hosiery collection.  The colour I used in this review is Navy, which has a purplish-blue appearance.  Such colour is no longer available online, and the closest you can get now is Dark Navy.

(Source: Wolford Online Shop)


I had no problems with the fitting.  I was concerned about the small size of the waistband but it turned out fine, thanks to its great elasticity.  It didn’t roll or dig in either.  The hose part however, did sag and become baggy after prolonged wearing.

I was surprised to find Navy being more of a purplish-blue than dark blue.  Such colour doesn’t match my style.  Having said that, the shininess is just amazing.  Depending on the amount of direct light the tights receive, it can exhibit from shiny to glossy.  This is very dynamic and eye-catching.  The reinforced toe has a relative sheer appearance, hence you can pair with sandals with ease.

The texture is relative soft and smooth.  It was comfortable when I first put them on but gradually sag as the day passed.  I could feel the weight of the tights gathering on the lower part of the leg.

Final words

       Its shiny appearance from waist-to-toe makes it a great eye-catcher.  The lightly reinforced toe is an additional plus.  The relative small amount of elastane means the tights do gradually sag and bag over time.  Micro adjustments are needed throughout the day.

       Satin Touch Tights is among the cheapest tights in Wolford, priced at €19 or £19 per pair.  They do sell them in packages of three for the price of two, which makes the tights even more cheaper.  In addition, Satin Touch 20 also comes in stay-up, knee-highs and socks.

Wolford Online Shop (English)

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  • Price change.  (20/04/18)

6 thoughts on “Review: Wolford Satin Touch 20 Tights (Updated: 20/04/18)

  1. Wolford Satin Touch are the tights I wear most often. They are inevitable the beautiful days of spring and summer in gobi or caramel models, worn with skirt, dress, shorts. In autumn / winter, it comes in a nearly black or black hue with preferably a black skirt or of course under pants. I also wear it in nude color during winter underneath the sublime fishnet model twenties, also Wolford


    1. Agree! Satin Touch 20 not only are versatile but also are great value for money, especially when you buy 3 for 2 package. Wolford used to make Satin Touch 20 Leg Support tights, which add support to the legs and extra durability, for only £20. Too bad they discontinued it. Allan


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