July Newsletter – A New Start

       Yes, you are right.  I am writing monthly newsletters so you can keep a track to see what I have done, what I am about to do and see what I have in mind.


       There are three fantastic reviews in the previous month.  You can find them in the respective links below in case you haven’t read them yet:


       I have three exciting reviews, which will be made public on the 9th, the 19th and the 29th of this month.  I also have two comparison reviews in the pipeline but I first need to sort out their “presentation”.  Simply laying tights on flat surface won’t work this time.  Fingers crossed that it won’t take too long, and I can have at least one published this month.

ilovehosiery in Facebook and Instagram

       Some of you may already know that ilovehosiery also has a Facebook Page and an Instagram account.  I choose to set it up like this because each platform is better than others in some way and vice versa.  WordPress ilovehosiery is where you will find reviews and comparisons, as well as subjects that require more than a few words to discuss.  This includes new collections, end of season sales, innovations, my creations and experiences.  The Facebook page allows me to share “news” I see on a daily basis.  It can be YouTube videos, promotions, notices of my most recent review and more.  They usually have a time constraint and can be said in one sentence.  Finally, Instagram is more about me and my life in photos.  Not all photos are related to hosiery.  Subscribe & follow all the platforms and you won’t miss any reviews, news and bargains.

The sale continues

       There is still time to buy discounted items.  If you are unsure where to go to, my blog here is a great place to start.

SS17 sale 06

New theme wanted!

       I am looking for a new WordPress theme for ihovehosiery to replace the current one.  I plan to use it for the next one-and-half to two years, before I familiarise myself with website designing.  The theme has to have a “warm” feeling, yet least distraction possible.  The fonts should be easy read both on a computer screen and in hand-held devices.  I prefer “free”, but I am willing to invest if you come across one that you think definitely suite my blog/style.

That’s all for now, enjoy reading and I am here if you need me.

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