Wolford rolls out Autumn 2017 Collection

       You may have seen snapshots on social medias, you may have discovered parts of the collection from online retailers, and now it is in full.

       Wolford has officially rolled out the Autumn-Winter 17 Collection.  The main theme is stripes and triangular geometric shapes.  Such is featured throughout their bodywear and hosiery.

       My favourite is the Pyramid Tights.  It is made up of small triangles stacked together in a spiral manner at the front and total black at the rear.  As said in my previous review, winding pattern tend to give the legs a slimmer look.  The black opaque part, which extends from the rear to the side, also creates an optical illusion for lean legs.  The result, as I perceive, will draw every attention possible.  You can find the full collection from the link provided at the bottom of the post.

Wolford New Collection (U.K.) or (Choose your Country)


       The term “spring/summer” and “autumn-winter” has become obsolete.  This is because Wolford now introduce collection in batches.  There are usually three introductions half-yearly.  Hence there will be more in a couple months time.

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