Review: ITEM m6 Tights Fine Translucent

       I thought I have covered ITEM m6 sheer tights pretty well, but then there comes the Tights Fine Translucent – compression tights in elegant black, how can I resist…  Before continue, I ‘d like to say a big thank you to Luxury Legs for providing me such wonderful product.

Strengths & Weaknesses

  • Exceptionally elastic
  • Strong support on the legs
  • Male-friendly thanks to less shaping on the lower torso
  • Uniform appearance from waist to toe

First look & packaging

       It is exactly the same as Tights Invisible reviewed earlier.  For detailed description, please click here.

ITEMm6 FT 01

Appearance & texture

       The Tights Fine Translucent have virtually the same construction as the Tights Invisible.  Specifically, the panty is opaque and matte.  The front side of the panty is solid and stiff while the rear side is more stretchy.  The texture feels somewhat synthetic, somewhere between linen and cotton.  The waistband measures 4cm wide and the gusset is knitted.  The hose on the other hand, is sheer (15 denier appearance) with slight sheen.  Its texture feels synthetic, with strong tension.  Both the heel and the toe section are reinforced, and that flat seams are used for the toe section.

The composition is 68% polyamide and 32% elastane.

ITEMm6 FT 01ITEMm6 FT 03

Above: the rear side is extended (as opposed to the front), thereby best accommodate the shape of the hips, especially when leaning the upper body forward or squat.

ITEMm6 FT 04ITEMm6 FT 05ITEMm6 FT 02ITEMm6 FT 06

Size range & Colour

       ITEM m6 uses two measurements for Tights Fine Translucent to achieve the optimum effect.  You first select the size (measured in dress sizes), which ranges from XS (found in the Germain website) to L.  You then select the “length”, L1 if you are under 1.69m and L2 if you are over 1.70m (sorry if you lie in between).  Size M and L2 is used in this review.

ITEM m6 Tights Invisible 07

This style only comes in black colour, and hence Black is used in this review.


I had no issues with fitting thanks to its impressive stretchiness.  It is also this reason that although I am at the lower end of size L2, I didn’t experience sag or bag following prolonged wear.  In fact, I was able to add more pressure on certain parts of the leg by micro manage that extra space.  For example, if I want to have more pressure on the thigh, I would stretch the tights a lot more as I roll them up along the calf, then gently roll up at the thigh.  By doing so I would have more yarns/cm2 on the thigh, thereby more pressure.

The black shade manifests uniformly from waist to toe.  Such is not compromised by the different density at various parts of the tights.  Also, the sheen on the hose looks natural over the dark background, exhibiting an elegant semblance.

The texture has a synthetic feel.  Toe seams are made specially flat, hence no “stepping on string” feeling when it is placed under the toes.  In addition, there is no unpleasant smell from the tights that is made primarily of polyamide.

Once again, I felt strong pressure on the legs.  The compression exerts its force from the moment I put them on till the moment I took the tights off.  There is no significant gradual loss of pressure due to heat, moisture or prolonged wear.  Compression on the tummy and hips is however moderate.  In addition, I don’t really feel my buttocks being lifted.

ITEMm6 FT 07ITEMm6 FT 08ITEMm6 FT 09

Above: evidence of flat seam on the toe.

Final words

       “How are they different from Tights Invisible?” is what came to my mind when I put the Tights Fine Translucent on for the first time.  Both are virtually the same in terms of fit and feel, but the black shade has the upper hand thanks to an uniform, elegant appearance.  You can find these tights for £49 or €49.90.

       If you like to know my thoughts about ITEM m6 Easy Line Super Light Tights, you can click here.


       Subsequent discussion with the Customer Service at Luxury Legs confirmed that although bearing different names, Tights Fine Translucent and Tights Invisible are “twins”.  (19/06/17)

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