Review: Fogal Flair Tights

       Static charges can be annoying and depending on circumstances, can be dangerous.  A workaround?  Wear anti-static tights.  This is what we will be looking into today, tights  with anti-static property by Fogal.

Fogal Flair Tights 01

Strengths & Weaknesses

  • Opaque tights in matte finish with reflective sheen.
  • Light support not apparent as overall size made wider.
  • Anti-static means less attraction to dust and nuisance.
  • Not so comfortable elastic waistband.

Appearance & texture

       The Flair tights are semi-opaque tights (40 denier) in matte finish.  The texture is relatively soft and smooth to the touch.  According to the product description, the yarns are made anti-static, therefore perfect for unlined skirts.  There is also a light support to revitalise the legs.  The Fogal signature waistband measures 3cm wide and is made of elastic band.  There is a knitted cotton gusset and the toe section is reinforced.

The composition is 85% polyamide and 15 % elastane.

Fogal Flair Tights 02

Above: Promotional image by Fogal.

Fogal Flair Tights 03Fogal Flair Tights 04Fogal Flair Tights 05Fogal Flair Tights 06

Size range

The tights come in three sizes: Small, Medium and Large.  Apparently, EXTRA M and EXTRA L are unavailable.  Size M is used in this review.

Fogal Flair Tights 07


There are three colours available at the time of writing this review.  From left to right, they are Granit, Noir and Brazil.  The Noir colour is used in this review.

Fogal Flair Tights 08


FIT: the entire piece is made “wider”.  This means the envelopment of tights on the legs is no where near the standard I found in Fogal’s sheer tights, which is usually superb.  It also means that the light support mentioned on the product description is virtually absent.  I do speculate that it is in fact size L (and the label on the package is wrongly placed), since the length of the waistband is 3cm longer than the Caresse Tights I reviewed before (61cm vs. 58cm).  Furthermore, the tights gradually bag below the knees just after couple hours of wearing, suggesting the size being larger.  However, I don’t have prove, as Fogal tights don’t have a label on them.

LOOK: as usual, the appearance is fabulous!  The colour is evenly distributed from waist to toe.  The tights actually appear opaque than semi-opaque (as the description suggests).  It is also worth mentioning that there is reflective sheen.

FEEL: the texture feels soft and smooth.  However, I don’t like the waistband.  The width combined with the material used made it not so comfortable for prolonged wear.

       The main reason I tend to avoid opaque tights is that my home is carpeted.  With a bit of friction, these tights can attract huge amounts of tiny hair and dust, which is not aesthetically good looking since opaque tights generally come in darker shades.  Furthermore, they are difficult to remove and will eventually cause the tights to snag.  The Flair Tights attracts significantly less amount of tiny hair and dust, and the remains can be easily brushed away with gentle stroke, thereby maintaining great looking throughout.

Fogal Flair Tights 09Fogal Flair Tights 10Fogal Flair Tights 11

Above: different knitting structure is applied on the toe.

Fogal Flair Tights 12

Above: evident reflective sheen.

Final words

       The anti-static property is fantastic.  I find it particularly useful in carpeted homes, and though I don’t own pets, I would say it will be equally useful in such circumstances.  The fit and the light support is however obscured by a possible wrongly placed size.  Please let me know the relevant length of the tights and waistband if you happen to have a pair of size M Flair tights.

       The Flair Tights are priced at CHF 49.50 (or roughly £31.50).  You can find it in both online and retail stores.

Fogal Online Shop (English)

3 replies on “Review: Fogal Flair Tights”

hi there, of all the tights you’ve tried & reviewed so far, what’s your favourite or best one or brand? i came across your website to find some reviews about Heist, looking for ones that don’t sag and also last. Thanks!


Hi R,

The way Heist tights is designed does make them less likely to sag. I personally haven’t experienced a run but I have received a comment about how The Nude Tights she bought didn’t last more than a day.

Since I started my blog, I found every brand has a character of its own. Fogal’s sheer tights are exceptional in their appearance and envelopment of the legs; Wolford is really good at innovations, bringing additional features to their already high quality hosiery; though I haven’t fully explored Falke and Kunert, you are likely to find great products in affordable price in these two brands. Ultimately, my preference changes with occasion. Hope this helps.



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