Review: ITEM m6 Tights Invisible

       Tights that has a synthetic feel have often been downrated in my reviews.  Tights Invisible from ITEM m6 however, is an exception, and this is why…

Strengths & Weaknesses

  • Exceptionally elastic
  • Strong support on the legs
  • Men-friendly thanks to less shaping on the lower torso
  • Extended toe section
  • Colour vary slightly among the toe/heel, hose and panty
  • No unpleasant oder from the yarn

First look & packaging

       The packaging is a rectangular box made out of cardboard fitted with transparent plastic sheet.  The product features, size and colour reference is visible on the back of the box.  A note of gratitude as well as care instruction is printed in a thin cardboard laid inside of the box.

ITEM m6 Tights Invisible 01

Appearance & texture

       Like the complete support tights I reviewed previously, the panty and hose of the Tights Invisible is also constructed differently.  The panty has an opaque and matte appearance.  The front side of the panty is rather stiff, whereas the rear side is more stretchy.  The texture feels somewhat synthetic (somewhere between linen and cotton).  The waistband measures 4cm wide and the gusset is knitted.  The hose on the other hand, is sheer (15 denier appearance) with slight sheen.  Its texture feels synthetic, with strong tension.  The reinforced toe section is enlarged, and the heels are reinforced also.

       Although the entire piece only measures 70cm when laid flat, it is extremely elastic.  Also evident is the extended rear side (as opposed to the front side), thereby best accommodate the shape of the hips, especially when leaning the upper body forward or squat.

The composition is 68% polyamide and 32% elastane.

ITEM m6 Tights Invisible 02

Above: Official image (sourced from Item m6 Germain Site)

ITEM m6 Tights Invisible 03ITEM m6 Tights Invisible 04ITEM m6 Tights Invisible 05ITEM m6 Tights Invisible 06

Above: Clear evidence of elongated rear.

Size range

       ITEM m6 uses two measurements for Tights Invisible to achieve the optimum effect.  You first select the size (measured in dress sizes), which ranges from XS (available in the Germain website) to L.  You then select the “length”: L1 if you are under 1.69m and L2 if you are over 1.70m (sorry if you lie in between).  Size M and L2 is used in this review.

ITEM m6 Tights Invisible 07


       There are five colours available (from top to bottom): Powder, Savanna, Sun, Bronze and Light Tan.  I bought Light Tan for this review.  Of note, the colour chips used to illustrate Powder and Light Tan are different between the Germany site and the U.K. site (see below).  I find the the colour chip for Light Tan shown in the Germain website to resemble more closely to the actual product.

Above: a snapshot of the colour chips taken from the German website (left) and the U.K. website (right).  Light Tan is indicated by the light blue-coloured frame and the tick.


       Due to its impressive stretchiness, I had no problems with the fit.  Based on the length of my leg (as measured from the bottom of the heel to crotch) is 78.5cm (or 31”), and the elasticity of the hose, I would say Size M L2 can easily fit a person of up to 1.78m or leg length of up to 85cm (using the measurement above).

       The texture feels really synthetic but I think this is where its advantage comes into place.  The support on the legs is strong!  It is probably the strongest I have ever experienced so far.  The panty on the other hand, has moderate level of shape and support.  It is elastic alright, but I don’t really feel my buttocks being lifted.

       The toe section is made visibly larger than that seen in other brands.  I have tested on my Jimmy Choo ROMY 85 pump and it doesn’t stick out.

       It is worth mentioning that the colour of the reinforced toe and heel are slightly darker than the hose, and that the hose is slightly darker than the panty.  In addition, the colour of the seam at the toe is lighter than the toe section.  I am not sure if this is (un)intentional.  Finally, there is no unpleasant smell from the tights that is made primarily of polyamide.

ITEM m6 Tights Invisible 10

Above: You can see that the knitting structure of the buttock is different from that of the rest of the panty.

ITEM m6 Tights Invisible 11ITEM m6 Tights Invisible 12ITEM m6 Tights Invisible 13ITEM m6 Tights Invisible 14ITEM m6 Tights Invisible 15

Final words

       This is one of the few tights that I will keep wearing despite of having a synthetic feel.  It provides strong support on the legs, making it a great companion during long hours of standing or sitting.  It is also the most expensive tights I have bought so far, being £49 or €49.90.  I remember ITEM m6 hold promotions from time to time.  If you are not in a hurry, you can get a bargain.

ITEM m6 (German)

ITEM m6 (U.K.)

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