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My favourite online stores for hosiery

       If you live in Europe or in a metropolis, chances are you have plenty of brands and stores (both online and retail) to choose from.  What if you live outside of the E.U., or the brand you like doesn’t ship to your place of residence?  That’s what I am going to talk about today – online retailers I frequently visit.

Luxury Legs

Online shopping 01

       One of my favourites.  The U.K. based online store currently houses 23 brands (including their own), encompassing a wide range of products including hosiery, clothing and skincare.  They offer free worldwide delivery from time to time and exclude VAT for orders delivered outside of the E.U.

UK Tights

Online shopping 02

       Said to be one of the biggest online hosiery store on Earth, UK Tights currently houses 70 brands, totalling just over 1700 products!  They don’t do free worldwide delivery however, their international signed parcel for up to 10 products is at a fixed rate of £8.90, i.e., the more you buy, the more you (potentially) save.  VAT is also deducted from the price for orders delivered outside of the E.U.  One more thing, UK Swimwear and UK Lingerie are sister websites of UK Tights.


Online shopping 03

       An online store based in Germany; can be accessed in both German and English language.  Also has VAT exemption for orders delivered outside of the E.U.  What really attracted me in the first place is that HOSIERIA offers more options (size as well as colour) for Falke and KUNERT than the U.K. based online stores do.  If you like these two Brands in particular, I recommend you to check out their collections.

       Ultimately, where I shop is largely dependent on the availability of the style.  What is your favourite online shop for hosiery?  Let me know in the comments below.

2 replies on “My favourite online stores for hosiery”

So happy for being one of your favourite online stores in the UK. Thanks for the shout-out about our sister sites. By the way, all UK Tights customers are automatically entitled for a 10% discount in all UK Swimwear and UK Lingerie orders, which is always good, isn’t it?
Thanks again 🙂


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