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Review: Wolford Pure 30 Complete Support Tights

       I previously talked about how Wolford’s innovative yarn brought the utmost comfort as experienced in Pure 50 and Pure 10 tights.  I also spoken about the addition of the Pure 30 Complete Support tights will make the range more complete.  What I didn’t anticipate is that such tights aren’t “pure” at all, read on to find out why.

Strengths & Weaknesses

  • Strong shaping effect at the panty
  • Medium support on the legs
  • Invisible seam thanks to glued seam
  • Powdery/slight sheen appearance
  • More resilient to snags

Appearance & texture

       Like the Individual 10 Complete Support tights, the panty and the hose of the Pure 30 Complete Support tights is distinctively different.  The panty has an opaque and matte appearance.  It is exhaustively constructed to best exercise its shaping function.  Specifically, the tummy section is sturdily knitted (less elastic); additional room (and therefore less compression) is provided for the buttocks but a lift-and-shape effect on the hips by placing a “belt” that runs underneath each side of the buttock.  In addition, the seams on the panty is glued, therefore are invisible even under close-fitting clothing.  The waistband measures 6.5cm wide and the gusset is otherwise knitted.

       The hose on the other hand, is semi-sheer (30 denier appearance).  It has a powdery presentation under ambient light but exhibits slight sheen under direct sunlight.  The knitting structure are very similar to Miss W Complete Support tights than the Pure 50 or Pure 10.  Its texture feels less synthetic though, with a moderate to strong tension.  There is a 4.5cm-wide band between the panty and the hose, which has a compressive function on the upper thigh.  Both the toes and the heels are reinforced.

The composition is 65% polyamide and 35% elastane.

Wolford Pure 30 CS 01

Above: promotional image from Wolford (source: Wolford Online Shop)

Wolford Pure 30 CS 02

Different knitting structure on the buttock to provide room (above) and a belt that half encircles the buttock for the push-up effect (below).  Source: Wolford Online Shop.

Wolford Pure 30 CS 03Wolford Pure 30 CS 04Wolford Pure 30 CS 05

Size range

Wolford uses a slightly different sizing for this particular style.  This will affect you who, otherwise wear size M or larger in standard sizing.  I have included the chart below, and as usual, size S is used in this review.

Wolford Pure 30 CS 06


       There are currently 8 shades available at the time of writing this review.  They are (from left to right): Caramel, Mocca, Cosmetic, Gobi, Fairly Light, Admiral, Black and Nearly Black.  Of note, Wolford recently changed the way these colour palettes are presented in their online shop.  There may be some mismatch or missing links as a result.

Wolford Pure 30 CS 07

(Source: Wolford Online Shop)


       Generally speaking, comfortableness and shape & control feature doesn’t go side by side.  I do want to mention that although the yarn is not as soft and comfortable as that used in Pure 50 or Pure 10, it feels slightly more silky and natural than that of the Miss W Complete Support Tights.  The fit is precise by the way.

       The compression of the panty is the strongest I have ever experienced within the Wolford’s shape & control tights range.  It basically flattens my tummy.  The band at the upper thigh not only sculpts the thigh, but also keeps the hose in place.  I don’t seem to get the belt to work however, and hence a big lump under my buttocks (My partner simply commented: “your buttocks are lumpy that shapewear won’t help if you don’t exercise).  I guess what Wolford could improve on is the tiny gap between the band at the upper thigh and the belt below the buttock (about 1.5cm wide), which is not particularly reinforced.  The massage effect on the legs is pretty evident with every step.  I would say the effect is moderate to strong.

       When I first laid my eyes on the tights, I thought I need a new pair of glasses.  This is because some parts appear powdery while other parts exhibit slight sheen.  It turned out that it is not my eyes, but the dual-quality that Pure 30 Complete Support Tights possess.  The appearance gradually changes depending on the amount of light the tights receive, which is actually fascinating to see.

       I can’t comment on snags yet.  However, based on my previous experience with Miss W Complete Support Tights (which has a very similar knitting structure, texture, and same denier appearance to that of the Pure 30 Complete Support Tights) that is pretty resilient to prickles and rough edges which would otherwise cause a snag on sheer tights, I suspect Pure 30 Complete Support Tights to have equal quality.

Wolford Pure 30 CS 08Wolford Pure 30 CS 09Wolford Pure 30 CS 10Wolford Pure 30 CS 11

Above: the powdery/slight sheen appearance is clearly visible, as well as the lump below the buttock.

Final words

       Although bearing the name “Pure”, the Pure 30 Complete Support Tights are nothing but sophisticated.  I’d like to think it as a merger of all the positive features we see from various Wolford tights, and it is precisely this reason that I see the product not in line with the Pure range but represents a new generation in Wolford’s shape and control collection.  Of course, the price reflects well.  You can bring them home with you for £43 or €49 (wow!)

Wolford Online Shop (U.K.)

       If you like to see my review about Wolford Individual 10 Complete Support tights, you can click here.  If you want to find out more about Velvet 66 Leg Support Tights, you can do so from here.


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