Review: Palmers Romantic Dots 20 Tights

       My partner and I picked up this during our stay in the historical town of Schwaz, Austria.  We knew there are Palmers shops in the destinations ahead (not to mention their headquarters in Innsbruck), but we thought buy it now in case we don’t have time to visit, which was actually the case.

       For those who are unfamiliar with Palmers, the full company name is Palmers Textil AG, founded by Ludwig Palmers in 1914.  They are currently the largest textile group in Austria, offering a wide range of products including lingerie, swimwear, loungewear and of course, hosiery.  Much of their stores are in Europe, especially in Austria and Germany, and therefore less popularity worldwide.  Palmers had close ties with Wolford.  Walter Palmers, one of the co-founders of Wolford, was the son of Ludwig Palmers.  He later became the director of Palmers.  Also, back in the early 2000’s when online shop is still in its infancy, Wolford products were selling through Palmer’s Online Shop.

       Hence, without further ado, let’s go into the review.

Palmers Romantic Dots 20 01

Above: Palmers logo.

Strengths & Weaknesses

  • Sexy looking with its stay-up appearance and floral design
  • Sizing runs slightly big; moderately comfortable
  • Snags found when unboxing but didn’t turn into run
  • Easy to carry with its relative small packaging

First look & packaging

       The tights are nicely folded and placed in a transparent plastic sleeve, which is then laid inside a rectangular box made of cardboard.  Product information are printed at the top and bottom facet of the box, and the size chart as well as the price at the rear.

Palmers Romantic Dots 20 02

Appearance & texture

       As with its name, the tights are dotted pattern in a sheer background (20 denier).  The dots are tiny, opaque, measuring 2mm x 1.5mm, and are evenly distributed from foot to upper thigh.  There is a ring of floral band at the upper thigh, where the dotted pattern ends, giving a stay-ups representation.  The panty itself is semi-transparent, with floral shapes marking the edges.  The waistband measures 3cm wide and there is a gusset at the crotch.  The toe section is reinforced.  Since the dots are knitted repeatedly to give an opaque contrast, they are slightly rough to the skin.  The sheer parts of the hose are otherwise moderately fine to the skin.  Such parts also exhibit a reflective shine.

       The composition is 92% polyamide and 8% elastane.

Palmers Romantic Dots 20 03

Above and below: Promotional images from Palmers.

Palmers Romantic Dots 20 04Palmers Romantic Dots 20 05Palmers Romantic Dots 20 06

Size range & Colour

       There are three sizes available for this style.  I have attached the chart below.  The size used in this review is M.

Palmers Romantic Dots 20 07

There is only black colour available at the time of writing this review.


       The size is slightly big for me.  There were signs of bagging just below the knees with just half a day gone.  The dots feel a bit rough to the skin at first, but is nothing serious.

       The appearance is beautiful!  I like how the dotted pattern ends with the floral band, of which brings out the curiosity of what comes next; and for that answer: the floral-edged panty.  Furthermore, the reflective shine gives a subtle, elegant touch to the legs.

       There were already a few snags present when I brought the tights out of the sleeve.  Fortunately the snags do not turn into a run.

       Just wanted to point out that I like the packaging for its relative small size (14.8cm x 9.3cm x 2.3cm).  You can easily drop it in your handbag/backpack without having to use additional carry bag.

Palmers Romantic Dots 20 08Palmers Romantic Dots 20 09Palmers Romantic Dots 20 10Palmers Romantic Dots 20 11

Final words

       Like fishnets, dots tights are one of the pattern tights that doesn’t really fade with time.  In fact, you can find many variants of dots tights out in the market at any given time.  Not all are eye catching however.  The Romantic Dots 20 tights strikes a good balance between cute and sexy with its dotted pattern, stay-up resemblance and floral design.  My only concern is the quality, that the presence of few snags before putting them on can be quite discouraging.

       You can still find these tights online or in some retail shops at a reduced price of €9.99.

Palmers Online Shop (German)

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