Review: Item m6 Tights Super Light

       ITEM m6 is a German brand that specialises in compression hosiery and shapewear.  Within hosiery, the range includes tights (solid colour or patterned), leggings, stay-ups, knee highs and socks in various denier and in different force of compression applied on certain parts of the body.  In this review, we will look into a sheer tight from ITEM m6’s EASY LINE collection, of which features a gentle leg support for smooth and beautiful slender legs.

Strengths & Weaknesses

  • Transparent, matte look with a discreet sheen
  • Light compression on the legs for a slender presentation
  • Tiny snags disappear with gentle pull & rub
  • Disproportionally small feet section
  • Smell of plastic which I found unpleasant

First look & packaging

       These tights are packaged similar to the Levante tights I reviewed a while ago.  Basically, tights are kept in place by a thin piece of cardboard, of which is wrapped in a transparent plastic sleeve.  The sleeve is then put into an envelope-like cardboard with labels and descriptions on the front and rear.  The product I bought is designed in Germany and made in Italy.

ITEM m6 EL Super Light Tights 01ITEM m6 EL Super Light Tights 02ITEM m6 EL Super Light Tights 03

Appearance & texture

       The Tights Super Light are sheer (20 denier appearance) tights with a matte look.  It features a gentle shaping effect to the hips and legs, exhibiting a beautiful silhouette as a result.  The texture feels rather coarse and not very elastic.  The knitted waistband measures 4cm wide.  There is also a 2.5cm wide finger band, which extends to both sides of the panty seam.  The gusset is made of cotton.  The feet section measures 14cm long, which to my perception is disproportionally short.  Both the toe and the heel are reinforced.

The composition is 91% polyamide and 9% elastane.

ITEM m6 EL Super Light Tights 04

Above: promotional image (from ITEM m6).

ITEM m6 EL Super Light Tights 05ITEM m6 EL Super Light Tights 06ITEM m6 EL Super Light Tights 07

Size range

       ITEM m6 uses standard sizing for their Easy Line Collection, which I have attached below.  Size M is used in this review.

ITEM m6 EL Super Light Tights 08


       There are currently four shades available at the time of writing this review.  Three of them are nude colours (Powder, Sun & Bronze) and Black.  The latter is used for this review.

ITEM m6 EL Super Light Tights 09

(Source: ITEM m6 website)


       I’d like to start from the packaging this time, as there was a smell of plastic when I opened the sleeve, which I felt unpleasant.  I am not sure whether smell comes from the sleeve or the tights (yarn) per se.  A hand wash however, does ameliorate the smell.

       The fit is good apart from the feet section, which is indeed small.  I have to stretch every last inch to get the knitted heel to the right place.  There is gentle pressure on the legs (especially at the shank).  My partner said my legs do look slenderer with these tights on.  I do not however, feel the compression at the hips.  The yarn feels rather “nylon” and coarse at first, but gradually softens as the tights absorb heat and moisture.

       Although advertised as having a matte appearance, the tights do exhibit a subtle reflective sheen that are visible through careful inspection.  The tights are not very elastic though, and does become baggy around the knee after prolonged wear.

       One more thing, I found that tiny snags on these tights can be reversed by gently pull and rub the surrounding areas.

ITEM m6 EL Super Light Tights 10ITEM m6 EL Super Light Tights 11ITEM m6 EL Super Light Tights 12ITEM m6 EL Super Light Tights 13ITEM m6 EL Super Light Tights 14

Final words

       These are good quality tights that offer gentle compression to the legs for a beautiful, slender presentation.  They are also quite durable, given both the toe and the heel are reinforced and that tiny snags can be reversed.  You can find these tights for £16.50 or €19.90, and they are available in retails shops as well as from online stores.

ITEM m6 online shop (U.K.)

If you want to learn more about ITEM m6, you can read the article wrote by UK Tights, which you can find the link here.

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