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Drum roll please… Introducing the Fifty in Fig Shade by Heist Studios

       If you are looking for a different solid-colour opaque seamless tights, this is for you.  Heist Studios has just rolled out the Fifty seamless tights in fig colour.  Be quick though, the tights are limited to 1,000 pairs only (link provided below). Continue reading “Drum roll please… Introducing the Fifty in Fig Shade by Heist Studios”

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Review: Wolford Kaylee Tights

       There has been a trend to wear fishnet tights with jeans and leisure footwear such as sneakers.  Rather than emphasising on the “sexy” element that fishnet tights have lot to offer, they serve more of a decor, giving an added touch to the legs.  For this reason, the pattern and matching such with other clothing becomes important.  Today, we look into the Kaylee tights from Wolford, a fishnet tights characterised by macro mesh. Continue reading “Review: Wolford Kaylee Tights”


Recommended visit: Museum of Hosiery Ads

       Thanks to KUNERT, who shared this wonderful website about hosiery advertisements.  The “curator” Edgar Vareiko has been collecting hosiery ads since 2010 and compiling them into an online archive.  The archive already includes 62 brands and is continue expanding.  You can visit the Museum via the link below.  Also, the Museum of Hosiery Ads has a Facebook fan page, from which you can receive the latest updates by “Like” it. Continue reading “Recommended visit: Museum of Hosiery Ads”

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Review: Item m6 Easy Line Super Light Tights

       ITEM m6 is a German brand that specialises in compression hosiery and shapewear.  Within hosiery, the range includes tights (solid colour or patterned), leggings, stay-ups, knee highs and socks in various denier and in different force of compression applied on certain parts of the body.  In this review, we will look into a sheer tight from ITEM m6’s EASY LINE collection, of which features a gentle leg support for smooth and beautiful slender legs. Continue reading “Review: Item m6 Easy Line Super Light Tights”

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Review: Fogal Caresse Tights (Updated: 09/05/17)

       I am Allan and welcome to ilovehosiery.  For those of you who have been visiting my blog would know that I review Fogal products often.  Their top quality and reliable sizing is the key for my affection.  Today I am going to share with you another one of their basic essentials: the Caresse Tights.  In case you haven’t noticed, the review will be split into two for one specific reason.  Be sure to visit ilovehosiery from time to time and you will find out why. Continue reading “Review: Fogal Caresse Tights (Updated: 09/05/17)”

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Fogal free international delivery (Update: offer ended)

       In addition to Falke, FOGAL is also celebrating International Women’s Day by offering free worldwide shipping.  Simply add the following code “Free Shipping” during checkout and have fun shopping!  Offer is valid until March 10th, 12:00 CET. Continue reading “Fogal free international delivery (Update: offer ended)”

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Review: KUNERT Chinchillan 20 Tights

       Thank you all for continue visiting and supporting ilovehosiery.  It has been hectic since I came back from Europe and although I had opportunity to try on new pair of tights, I haven’t really had the time to take photos and put my experiences into words.  This is especially the case when I happen to choose a brand I have never reviewed before, which took longer time to digest.  Hence, I appreciate your patience and without further ado, allow me to introduce Kunert Chinchillan 20 tights. Continue reading “Review: KUNERT Chinchillan 20 Tights”