Review: Wolford Sonya Tights

     The Sonya tights caught my attention for its sporty yet elegant design when it was first introduced.  When I saw them in the factory outlet whilst in Wolford Headquarters, I picked it up without hesitation…


Strengths & Weaknesses

  • Fishnet tights in a sporty fashion
  • Seamless panty
  • No reinforcement at toe or heel

Appearance & texture

     The Sonya are open-knit, micro-fishnet tights.  Its core feature is the two stripes running parallel from toe to panty, on the lateral side of each leg, exhibiting a sporty look.  One other characteristic is that there is no seam at the panty, thus perfect for tight-fitting attires.  The Wolford signature waistband is 2.5cm wide; a gusset is sewn on the panty.  In addition, there are no reinforcement on the toes or the heels.  I have attached the shot by Wolford below.

The composition is 80% nylon and 20% elastane.


Above: photograph by Wolford.
(source: Wolford Sonya Tights)


Size range

The size runs from XS to L.  Size S is used for this review.



At the time of writing this review, there are white & black colour available online.  You may find Nightshade, a purplish colour, in boutiques like I did.


(Source: Wolford Sonya Tights)


     The tights isn’t particularly comfortable at first but become softer as they absorbs heat and moisture.  The seamless panty is quite subtle, and shows how clever Wolford hides the seam.

     The stripes are striking!  I really like how they are presented despite they don’t look particularly attractive on my masculine legs.  I tried them with pumps, but I think the tights go best with sneakers or trainers.

     The lack of reinforcement at the toe and/or heels suggests they are not designed to be long-lasting.


Above: The stripes also runs along on the lateral side of the foot.  If you want to hide them while wearing pumps (like the photograph Wolford took), you have to make micro-adjustments to have them running under your feet.


Final words

     This is one of the styles that will look especially great on certain people in certain styles.  If you are not so confident, you can still go for the Twenties, which are essentially Sonya tights without the stripes.

     The tights are from previous season, hence you should find it a lot cheaper than its original price of £35 or €39.

Wolford Online Shop: U.K.

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