Wolford presents the Cradle to Cradle project at Avantex Paris

       I have always wondered where those worn tights I threw away went to.  Since they are generally made from synthetic fibres, incineration is not environmentally-friendly, and they can take up to 30-40 years to decompose when placed in a landfill.  This makes tight lovers frequent polluters of planet Earth and me, the most evil of all!

       While I was making new friends in Wolford Headquarters, the Wolford product development team is busy in Paris making an announcement of their new approach for production.  Specifically, future Wolford lingeries and hosiery will be made using healthy raw materials, chemicals and dyes which are safe for consumer, society and environment.  These safer, biodegradable products will be on the shelves as soon as AW18.  You can read the full article here.


       For me, it is wonderful to know that I can continue wearing and reviewing tights but do less damage to our mother Earth (though I really hoped that someone could invent the “replicator” as seen in Star Trek series, so I can make new tights from old ones with a touch of a button).


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