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Preparation for Trip to Europe

       Having heard the news about the cold front sweeping much of the Europe last week, which lead to a plunge of temperature to below -20˚C in some places, and more fronts from the Arctic are yet to come, I decided to pack some of my best opaques to counter the freeze, and here they are…


Wolford Satin Nature Opaque Tights
Opaque with wicking ability, keeping the legs and feet dry as a result of sweat during indoors or damp while out in the open.

Wolford Volvet 66 Leg Support Tights
Not only warm & cozy, but also vitalising; a great companion to have for long walks.

Heist the Thirty Tights
This semi-transparent tights with a high-waistband option will surely keep my abdomen warm.

Wolford Velvet Cotton Leggings
I have the choice of with or without socks, or serve as an outer layer when it gets really freezing.

Fogal All Nude Tights
One pair of sheer tights for indoor activities such as sitting beside the window in a hotel contemplating the view.

Wolford Leg Warmer
In case I don’t feel like wearing tights or leggings, I have something to keep my legs warm.

Who is the last one in the image?  Take a guess…

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