Review: Heist Studios The Nude seamless tights (early 2017; Updated: 08 Nov 19)

      It has been a busy start for me since New Year, as my work, hobby, as well as the preparation for much anticipated trip to Austria, all require lots of attention.  Before I step into the giant A380 aircraft for the first time, I wanted to share with you my views towards the Nude seamless tights by Heist Studios.

Strengths & Weaknesses

⊕ Great elasticity and comfortable waistband.
⊕ Revolutionary waistband that does not roll down, dig in, or sag.

⊙ Matte with discreet sheen.

First look & packaging

      The packaging is basically the same as The Fifty reviewed couple months ago, which you can find it here.  Heist uses a creamily-pink colour for the box, possibly to match with the style.  Apparently, Heist is on the process of revising their packaging, and new packaging will be introduced soon.

Heist The Nude 01
Heist The Nude 02

Appearance & texture

      The Nude are transparent (18 Denier) tights with matte to the finish.  There is no seam or gusset at the panty, as the tights are knitted in a single tube.  This also explains why the knitting pattern turns horizontally at the panty, and the extra stitches on the side of the waist for reinforcement.  The texture feels more elastic but less natural.  I have chosen the Mid Waistband Option, which measures 9cm wide (10cm on the side) for size M when the tights are laid on a flat surface.  In addition, the toes are lightly reinforced.  

      The Nude has the highest content of elastane (33%) among Heist’s styles; the remaining being polyamide.

Heist Studios The Nude promotional image (Sourced from Heist Studios).
Heist The Nude 04
Heist The Nude 05
Heist The Nude 06
Heist The Nude 07

Size range

      The Nude comes in four sizes: from S to XL.  M size is used in this review.


      The Nude is currently the only style within Heist that feature nude colours.  There are two nude shades available at the time of writing this review.  The “Light” targets light skin tones and the “Dark” are aimed at moderately tanned skin tones.  I have chosen the Light colour for this review.


      The tights fit perfectly on me, and thanks to the high percentage of elastane, it didn’t sag or become baggy after a full day of wearing.  Furthermore, the waistband didn’t roll or slide down.  However, the texture feels less natural (more synthetic) when compared to the Thirty.  I wonder if this is due to the different ratio in composition.  

      Although not explicitly mentioned, the Nude actually comes with a reflective sheen (shown in the images below).  It is to my knowledge, the only style within Heist that has such feature.

      To my surprise, the colour for the Light option is slightly darker than my asian skin tone.  Hence if you have white skin tone, which I’d assume is the skin tone it was designed to match with, the tights will make your legs look evidently darker.  The models on Heist’s website provides a good example.

Heist The Nude 09
Heist The Nude 10
Heist The Nude 11
Heist The Nude 12
Heist The Nude 13
The discreet sheen exhibits just above the ankle.
Heist The Nude 14

Final words

      The Nude has the core features that Heist Studios specialises: great fit with a very adaptable waistband.  It is also the only style within Heist that offer nude colours and comes with slight sheen.  However, the colour selection is limited to start with.  The Nude is marketed £19 and £21 for the Mid and High Waistband Option respectively.

Heist Studios


  • Changed the Low Waistband Option to Mid Waistband Option. (08 Nov 19)
  • Updated the Strengths & Weaknesses section, as well as all images. (19 Jan. 19)
  • Heist Studios has introduced additional 5 nude colours for the style.  They also changed the colour naming system.  It now use numbers, from 010 being the lightest, to 070 being the darkest.  The previous “Light” colour is now 030 and the “Dark” is 060.  (27 Jul. 18)

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