Review: Wolford Cotton Footsies (Updated: 20/04/18)

       Hi folks, I am sure you can’t wait to open the Christmas presents.  Nearly there, only a few hours to go~

       I too grew up in stories of wishes, stocking and Santa Claus.  I still have flash memories of me, as a little boy, writing down my wishes and put it in a sock.  When I woke up on the next day, there was a small present beside my pillow, inside the delicately packaged gift was a watch.  Such thing is not uncommon even in my childhood, but to have something new, not from receiving a leftover from my elder brother felt really great.  Stocking, or sock to be more precise, became the metaphor of dream come true.

       This year, I also put my wishes in a rather dark coloured, tiny sock.  It is cotton footlets, or footsies as Wolford called it.  Will it come true, I wonder…

Strengths & Weaknesses

  • Aesthetically designed flat elastic stripes
  • Not so comfortable due to a relatively tight fit
  • More suitable for loafers than pumps or ballerina flats
  • Will gradually roll at the heel when walking (26/12/16)

First look & packaging

       The footsies are quite small in terms of size.  Hence, in order to fit them in a standard knee-high packaging while maintaining the elegance, two slightly thicker cardboards (one long and one short) is used. Both are stacked together to hold the footsies in place.  A folded thin cardboard is used for outer layer, which contains the product image on the front side and description on the rear.  All contents are then wrapped in a translucent plastic sleeve.


Appearance & texture

       The cotton footsies has a semi-transparent and total matte finish.  In harmony with its name, the footsies has a cotton touch, but not particularly soft or fine.  The length for size M measures approximately 17cm long when laid on flat surface.  The flat elastic stripes are applied only at the front and rear of the opening, leaving the sides intact.

The composition is 60% cotton and 40% nylon.


Size range

       There are two size ranges for the footsies, S and M.  Size M is used in this review.  It is designed to fit sizes among EU 39-41, UK 6-7.5 and USA 8-10.


(Source: Wolford Cotton Footsies)


       At the time of writing this review, there is only two colour available.  They are Sisal and Black.  The latter is used in this review.


(Source: Wolford Cotton Footsies)


       I really like the minimal use of elastic stripes for the opening, which are only present at the front and rear part of the opening.  Furthermore, these stripes are flat (as opposed to a cylindrical band), which in my opinion are aesthetically better.

       I encountered a couple issues while trying the footsies on.  First of all, I assumed the representation will look like the images shown on the product’s front cover, i.e., the toes are partially covered.  This is ideal for pumps or ballerina flats, as the footsies won’t be clearly visible.  In reality, it covers 1/4 of my feet, with the toe section fully covered, and the elastic stripe lies along the metatarsophalangeal joints of my feet (the images on the online shop is a more authentic reflection of what I experienced).  Therefore, instead of pumps or ballerina flats, they are more suitable for loafers.

       The second issue I have is the size.  The footsies are basically fully stretched to fit my feet, which is 25.5cm long and widest part being 9.5cm.  To accommodate  EU41 UK 7.5 and USA 10, which is approximately 26.7cm, I would assume the feet has to be a lot narrower than mine or face a very tight fit.


My verdict

       Apart from potential size issues, these Wolford Cotton Footsies are a good match for loafers, but not so friendly with pumps or ballerina flats.  If you wish to try, they are available for £10 or €10, online or in retail stores.

Wolford Online Shop (U.K.)


  • Price change.  (20/04/18)
  • The footsies will gradually roll at the heel when walking.  (26/12/16)

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