Review: Snug Deodorant Footlets

       In contrast to the opaque tights and leg warmers advertised on the internet as an implication of freezing winter, December here has been characterised by the scorching sun.  High-denier tights are stored away, while ultra sheer tights, knee-highs, socks and footlets receives the most welcome.  To meet the change, I would like to review something different, something very much represents the summer – footlets.

       Footlets (or footsies, invisible socks) are socks that cover only parts of the toes and the heel.  They are especially suitable for flats, loafers and espadrilles because they offer extra protection to the feet from abrasion but are barely noticeable, thereby giving a bare feet appearance.  In this week’s review, we will look at the Snug footlets, invisible socks that is said to have deodorisation property.


  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Restorable deodorant property.
  • Anti-slip heel.
  • Barely noticeable with black coloured shoe.

First look & packaging

       The footlets are secured using a foot-shaped cardboard, which is then placed in a tri-fold thin cardboard.  The contents are wrapped in plastic sleeve.  Product description is on the back of the cardboard.


Appearance & texture

       The footlets has a medium thickness and opaque finish.  The texture feels very much like cotton sock.  An elastic band is sewn around the opening for wearability.  In addition, slip-preventing stripes are glued at the inside of the heel.

       Composition is 61% cotton, 22% Rayon, 10% Elastane and 7% 7% Cellulose acetate.  The latter is the key to the deodorisation property.


Size range & Colour

       Snug footlets comes in three sizes: 20-22cm, 22-24cm and 25-27cm.  The numbers correspond to the length of the feet from tip of the toe to the heel.  For example, my feet is 25.5cm long, hence I am wearing size 25-27cm.  In addition, The footlets only comes in black.


       As shown in the images below, the footlets cover 2/3 of the toes, minimal on the side and about 1/2 of the heel.  For this reason, the footlets are virtually invisible when I am wearing loafers.  They are also relatively comfortable to wear.

       I didn’t realise that the heel is made anti-slip when I purchased them.  It feels weird at first but slips away from your attention in seconds.

       The majority of Snug products are made with restorable deodorisation property.  I have been wearing their deodorant socks which works very well, but I haven’t yet had the time to fully examine the property on these footlets (as it will take weeks).  I can only assume that they work just as well as their counterparts.


My verdict

       In my opinion, Snug Footlets does the job of giving me the extra protection to the feet while hide themselves in the shoe.  They are priced NTD$200 (£4.90 or €5.90) a pair, which is a bit expensive, but gets cheaper per pair if you buy them in bundles.

       In addition to the footlets reviewed here, Snug also makes a variant, which has a slightly more coverage (roughly 1/4-1/3 of the foot and hence the toe section is fully covered).    If you are living abroad and are interested to buy their products, you could make your order online, and pay via Paypal (their staff will calculate the delivery costs for you).  Mind that their website is not English-friendly.  If you are interested buying and you can’t read Mandarin, you may have ask your Mandarin speaking friends for help.

Snug Website (Mandarin)

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