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Folks, Happy New Year!

It has been very satisfying writing the reviews.  I hope you enjoyed them as well.  I will see youse next year.  In the meantime, I wish you all a safe New Year’s Eve and a great 2017~ Continue reading “Folks, Happy New Year!”


No VAT from UK Tights for orders made outside of E.U., what a surprise!

       A big thank you to Dawn and Jesse for not only refunded the VAT amount for my previous purchase, but also changed my status to NOVAT.  This is the most surprising Christmas “gift” I have ever received! Continue reading “No VAT from UK Tights for orders made outside of E.U., what a surprise!”


Review: Heist The Thirty Tights

       To strive for a more comfortable waistband has been a goal for many hosiery makers.  One of the ways to achieve such is to increase the width of the waistband.  By increasing the covering area of the body, the band can be made with softer materials and with less tension.  However, a poor design can simply result a roll or fall down, which does the opposite of providing comfortableness.  In a previous review, we looked at the Fifty tights by Heist, which is characterised by seamless design and a wide waistband that doesn’t roll or fall down.  This time, we will examine another style by Heist, with the option of even wider waistband.  Scroll down when you are ready. Continue reading “Review: Heist The Thirty Tights”

Fogal · Reviews

Review: Fogal All Nude Tights

       Tights are consumables.  They don’t usually last very long and have to be replaced from time to time.  I see it as an opportunity to try out different brand/styles.  When a particular style is so good that allures me to wear it on a daily basis, it enters my “must have” list.  All Nude tights by Fogal is one of them, and I can show you why. Continue reading “Review: Fogal All Nude Tights”

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Glimpse at Wolford’s SS17 collection from Luxury-Legs (Updated: 12/12/16)

       U.K. based online retailer Luxury-Legs has shown some of the Wolford’s SS17 collection on their website, and apparently are available for purchase.  Surely the entire collection will gradually roll out.  I will update in due course. Continue reading “Glimpse at Wolford’s SS17 collection from Luxury-Legs (Updated: 12/12/16)”

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Review: Snug Deodorant Footlets

       In contrast to the opaque tights and leg warmers advertised on the internet as an implication of freezing winter, December here has been characterised by the scorching sun.  High-denier tights are stored away, while ultra sheer tights, knee-highs, socks and footlets receives the most welcome.  To meet the change, I would like to review something different, something very much represents the summer – footlets. Continue reading “Review: Snug Deodorant Footlets”