New 80 Denier seamless tights by Heist Studios

       Feeling those 50 denier tights are not quite enough to fight the winter?  You may want to check this one out…

       Heist Studios has just introduced “The Eighty”, an 80 denier appearance opaque tights.  Like other Heist products, The Eighty are made from specially developed yarn that offer great elasticity and softness.  It also features seamless design (no gusset; toe seam tucked under the toe), and two sizes for waistband width.  Currently, the Eighty tights only come in black colour.

Heist 80 01.jpg

       You can purchase The Eighty tights from Heist shop via the link below.  The low waistband option is £22 and the high waistband one is £24.  There is an introductory offer if you use the code 80PRIVATE at checkout, you will get 10% off any order of 2 or more pairs (valid till midnight this Friday 25th November).

Heist Studios also offer free shipping worldwide.

Heist The Eighty


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