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Mr Dior’s thoughts about stockings

       I have been reading this book written by famous fashion designer Christian Dior.  Literally, it describes Mr Dior’s thoughts about “how to look nice”.  He talks about different kinds of attire, materials, colours, accessories, and the most suitable way to make good use of them for every women.  Although the concepts are from 1950’s and earlier, some of them are still used today.

       Mr Dior also mentioned about stockings.  He specifically said “you need to attend to the thickness of nylons between day and evening”, which I find it interesting.  Surely, the making of hosiery has changed considerably since 1950’s and therefore the quality, appearance and function of such is not really an issue nowadays.  Having said that, how often do people take characteristics of a hosiery into consideration when pairing with their outfit of the day?  What are your thoughts?


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