Review: Falke Pure Shine 15 Tights (Updated: 25 Apr 19)

      I was told by one of my German colleagues that today marks the beginning of the Karneval, an annual celebration during which people feast, parade, dressed in fanciful costumes and wear masks.  Although that is quite some distance away from where I am, this week’s review does relate to Germany, tights made by well-known German company Falke.

      Falke Pure Shine is a hosiery range characterised by elegant sheen.  There are three variants: tights (15, 40 and 80 denier appearance respectively), stay-ups (15 Den appearance) and knee-highs (15, 40 and 50 denier appearance respectively), totalling 7 products.  In this week’s review, we will look at Pure Shine 15 tights.

Strengths & Weaknesses

⊕ Glossy nature puts emphasis on shape of legs.
⊕ Soft and silky feel to the skin.
⊕ Good elasticity.

⊙ Can be extra slippery on polished surface due to its glossy nature.

Appearance & texture

      Pure Shine 15 are sheer tights (15 den appearance) that features a glossy appearance.  Such feature is also present in the form of moderate shimmer under ambient light setting.  The texture feels smooth and silky, as well as good elasticity.  The waistband is around 2cm wide, and immediately below the band is a 4cm-wide finger band.  The tights are sewn with a hygienic mesh gusset and that the toe section is reinforced.

      The composition is 89% polyamide and 11% elastane.  According to the product description, the tights is made with innovative material that has a high moisture-absorption rate.

Size Range

      The size ranges from S to XXL, which encompasses heights from 145cm to 188cm.  I have included the size chart below.  I bought size L for this review.


      At the time of writing this review, there were 12 shades for Pure Shine 15.  They are: Black, Anthracite, Platinum, Powder, Sun, Crystal, Brazil, Golden, Cocoon, Brenda, Smoke and Marine.  As the colour palettes on the online shop is somewhat distorted, it is not worth sharing it here; better go to a retail store or third party online shops for colour-matching.  Crystal is used in this review.


      The fit is slightly large.  I am between 5’7” and 5’8”, hence both M/L and L fits on me.  If you are as tall and slender as I am, size M/L should give a better fit.  Of note though, the waistband is slightly tight on me 28” waist (even in size L).

      Due to the lustre nature of the tights, they greatly emphasise the shape of the legs.  If this is your weaker spot, you can go for darker colours such as black.  You will still draw attention but the dark colours will make the leg look slimmer.

      I find it interesting that glossy on a nude colour made Pure Shine 15 look as if having a higher denier appearance (20-30).  I can’t be certain at this moment if this effect also applies to darker colours.  In addition, I tend to find glossy tights to be more slippery than tights with matte appearance.  Careful with your step when walking on polished floors, and a non-slip insole can help if you are wearing high heels.

      Although being made mostly out of polyamide, it is actually quite comfortable to the skin thanks to its smooth and silky texture.

      I am picking up tiny, loose yarns that got left inside the tights.  They do not affect the overall quality of the product, but does leave me curious as to how these loose yarns get attached.

Final words

      There is never a more practical way to showoff your legs with sheen and shine tights.  With Pure Shine 15, you not only get to showoff your legs, but also with great comfortableness in a reasonable price.

      Falke has become one of the brands that really caught my attention due to their high quality, a wide range of selection in an affordable price.  Although I have only touched a few, the brand has already made into my to-review list.  Be sure to come to ilovehosiery every now and then.  In the meantime, you can find these lovely shiny tights for £13 (prices are different depending where you are in E.U.); Stay-Ups and knee-highs are also available.

Falke Online Shop (U.K.)


  • New article layout and added more images. (25 Apr 19)

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