Review: Levante Eclipse Tights

       A routine filled with occasional surprises is what comprises most people’s life, and it wouldn’t be as colourful and memorable without one or the other.  This is exactly the reason why I think solid colour hosiery are important: they form the foundation for others to stand out.  In this week’s review, I’d like to examine one of the basic essentials from Levante, the Eclipse tights.



  • Sheer & matte appearance suitable for every occasion
  • Not so comfortable due to synthetic & rough feel
  • Unpleasant synthetic scent

First look & packaging

       The packaging is the same as the Levante Class tights reviewed a while ago.  In brief, the tights are carefully sealed within a plastic envelop (see image below) and wrapped in another envelop made of cardboard.  Product info and feature are clearly printed on the back of the cardboard.


Appearance & texture

The Eclipse tights have a transparent (15 denier appearance) and matte finish.  There is a tint of reflective sheen under direct sunlight.  The texture feels “stringy”, like very fine wire in mesh setting.  Similar to Levante Class tights, Eclipse tights features a semi-transparent boxer brief.  The Waistband is 2.5cm wide and the toe section is reinforced.

The composition is 84% polyamide and 16% elastane.


Size range

The size ranges from SMALL to X TALL, which is calculated using the chart below.  I have selected size TALL for this review.



The online retailer I bought from has 4 colours available.  They are Naturel, Visone, Londra and Nero.  I have included a colour palette below.  The pair used in this review is Londra, a colour resembling dark grey.

Levnate Class Regular Tights 05

(Source: Colour Palette from Levante U.K.)


       The fit is good, and the appearance is on par with the prescribed quality.  However, it is not as comfortable as I would expect, due to a rather synthetic and rough feel.  I conducted a single-blind experiment on my partner using Levante Eclipse and Wolford Sheer 15.   The response was “both feels synthetic and mesh but this one (pointing to Eclipse) is more prominent and thus less soft and comfortable”.

       Every pair of tights comes with a scent when they are first taken out from the packaging.  If you are careful and experienced, you can identify the brand (and even the factory they are produced) from the scent.  This is why I personally called it “factory scent”.  The scent is usually insignificant, hence I don’t mention unless it is a specific feature of a particular pair of tights.  In this case however, I have to make a note because the scent is strong and rather unpleasant.  It smells very synthetic, like burned nylon.  Hand wash it once only ameliorated the smell a little.  Tracing back to Class tights, the scent exists but not as strong as this time.


My verdict

       The transparent and matte nature with relatively good durability leaves Eclipse tights sufficient for any occasion, day and night.  My only concern is the factory scent, which irritates me a little.  With regard to the price, Eclipse tights are selling between £6 and £7 in online retailers and they also comes in packs of three.  This makes them one of the high CP value tights in the market.  You can find them at third party online shops and retail stores.

Levante Australia

Levante U.K.

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