Review: Heist The Fifty Tights

       Sorry for the delay.  I had been extremely busy for the past week and only had the opportunity to try out a new pair of tights last Friday.  I did not wish to rush to the conclusion, and hence the delay. Continue reading “Review: Heist The Fifty Tights”


Review: Wolford Individual 10 Complete Support (Updated: 20/04/18)

       People go for body shaping hosiery because they need the vitalising property and/or the silhouette that the hosiery manifests.  I like them simply because they are generally more durable than those that doesn’t have shape & control properties and are less likely to become loose & baggy.  However, to really benefit from the properties, tights made of high quality is of essence. Continue reading “Review: Wolford Individual 10 Complete Support (Updated: 20/04/18)”

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Mr Dior’s thoughts about stockings

       I have been reading this book written by famous fashion designer Christian Dior.  Literally, it describes Mr Dior’s thoughts about “how to look nice”.  He talks about different kinds of attire, materials, colours, accessories, and the most suitable way to make good use of them for every women.  Although the concepts are from 1950’s and earlier, some of them are still used today. Continue reading “Mr Dior’s thoughts about stockings”


Review: Falke Pure Shine 15 Tights

       I was told by one of my German colleagues that today marks the beginning of the Karneval, an annual celebration during which people feast, parade, dressed in fanciful costumes and wear masks.  Although that is quite some distance away from where I am, this week’s review does relate to Germany, tights made by well-known German company Falke. Continue reading “Review: Falke Pure Shine 15 Tights”


Sparkles and laces lead the way to the festive season

       Some brands have launched a seperate collection as the festive season draws closer.  In addition to sparkling garments and hosiery, those crafted from laces also seem to be one of the favourites.  The Pierre Mantoux’s Poeme collection and some of the Wolford’s new arrivals are an example.  If you are not quite sure what to wear for the coming party season, their contents may give you some insight. Continue reading “Sparkles and laces lead the way to the festive season”


Review: Levante Eclipse Tights

       A routine filled with occasional surprises is what comprises most people’s life, and it wouldn’t be as colourful and memorable without one or the other.  This is exactly the reason why I think solid colour hosiery are important: they form the foundation for others to stand out.  In this week’s review, I’d like to examine one of the basic essentials from Levante, the Eclipse tights. Continue reading “Review: Levante Eclipse Tights”