Review: Wolford Satin Opaque Nature Tights (Updated: 20/04/18)

In the final week of October, I would like to look at the last remaining product introduced by Wolford last month, the Satin Opaque Nature tights.


  • Comfortable to the skin
  • Relatively stretchy
  • Less likely to trap heat, cools fast & breathable
  • Increased density at toe and sole for durability
  • Less susceptible to snag; does not pill

Appearance & texture

       Satin Opaque Nature tights appears semi-transparent with a opaque toe and sole.  Wolford didn’t specify the denier appearance, but based on my observation, the hose has a 30-40 denier appearance, whereas the toe section and the sole are made slightly thicker (40-50 denier appearance).  The texture feels like “fine cotton”.  They are definitely more gentle and smooth than Wolford Cotton Velvet and Velvet range, but not quite as soft as the Pure range.  The waistband measures 6cm wide, and the heels are made “loose” (i.e., with very little elasticity).  In addition, despite containing the word “Satin”, the tights are basically matte, only express a very slight touch of sheen under direct sunlight.

       The composition is 53% Cupro, 38% nylon and 9% elastane.  Cupro is a cellulose fibre made from cotton linter – the short, downy fibre that enfolds cotton seeds.  Because it originates from natural material and is refined using modern technology, Cupro features the gentleness and smoothness of natural fibres as well as the functionality of man-made fibres.  Specifically, it has more amorphous region within the fibre than cotton.  Such property gives Cupro to absorb and release moisture faster than cotton, thereby it dries quicker, cools faster and facilitates the release of static.  The result being a dry and comfortable feel for the wearer.  Furthermore, Cupro is less abrasive than cotton, viscose and silk due to its cylindric-shaped fibre, therefore it feels smoother and less likely to pill.  Cupro is trademarked and apparently only Asahi-Kasei Corporation makes it nowadays.  You can find more info regarding Cupro from their company website.


Size range

Size ranges from XS to XL.  As usual, size S is used in this review.



       There are five winter shades available at the time of writing this review.  They are Mocca, Admiral, Midnight, Black and Nearly Black.  I used Black for this review.


(Source: Wolford Satin Opaque Nature Tights)


       As usual, size S fits great on me.  The tights have a cotton feel, but are finer than cotton.  This gives a comfortable touch to the skin.  Perhaps it is a characteristic of Cupro, the tights doesn’t give an elastic feel but are in fact relatively stretchy; they don’t become loose or baggy after prolonged wear.

       One thing I noticed is I have been wearing Satin Opaque Nature tights every day since early this week, when weather is mild and the temperature reaches 17°C in the sunny afternoon.   Usually I would have been wearing sheer tights by this time, but Satin Opaque Nature tights seems to be fine.  My guess is this is a result of both mild wind and Cupro doing its job.  It would be interesting to see how the tights perform in hotter conditions.

       Frankly speaking, my Wolford sheer tights usually lasts 6-12 months and opaque tights are replaced not because of worn but because I have been wearing them for years that I decided a change is necessary.  With the toe and sole made in opaque, I foresee that Satin Opaque Nature tights will last quite a while.  In addition, the tights are less susceptible to snag, and does not pill.


My verdict

       Being semi-opaque yet cool and breathable to wear, I think this is ideal for people who prefer a little more privacy to their legs on a warm day.  Ladies who perspires more from their lower body may also find this product useful.

       To sum up, Wolford has brought three very interesting products for the coming winter.  Each with its distinctive features which I am sure you will find them useful depending on circumstances.  It is a little pity that I will have to store them in the closet very soon, as the days start to get hot.  But if you’d like to enjoy Satin Opaque Nature tights, you can find them for €39 or £39, Knee-Highs and Socks are also available.

Wolford Online Shop (English)


  • Price change.  (20/04/18)
  • I deliberately tested the tights with trousers and hiking boots, tramped for 4km non-stop on a 17°C sunny afternoon.  The outcome was I perspired extensively, but not to the extent that I wanted to take them off immediately.  In fact, not much heat was trapped around my legs and the tights were pretty much dried 30 mins. later.  For this reason, I think Satin Opaque Nature tights are an excellent choice as an inner layer for hikers (03/11/16).

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